With Urgent Questions Simmering, Why Still The Mystery With Gee?

Why do the Mets insist on going the mystery route when it comes to announcing roles in its pitching staff?

When Zack Wheeler was lost for the season it was announced Dillon Gee would assume his spot in the rotation. Manager Terry Collins said as such, but at the same time pitching coach Dan Warthen said it was an open competition between Gee and Rafael Montero.

GEE: C'mon, make it official.

GEE: C’mon, make it official.

So much for being on the same page.

It should be a slam dunk because Gee has limited experience pitching out of the bullpen while Montero has worked both as a starter and reliever. Then yesterday Collins flipped it so Montero would pitch against the Yankees. After the game, Collins told reporters in Tampa: “I’ve seen Dillon Gee pitch big games. I don’t need to see him pitch against the New York Yankees.’’

If anything, that sounded like an endorsement for Gee.

However, after Montero’s strong performance, Collins said he earned a spot on the staff, but wouldn’t say in what capacity.

Again, why is this so difficult?

Montero has pitched out of the pen, something Gee hasn’t for years. If anything, with little less than two weeks before the start of the season, I would figure Collins knows he has a starting five, but should realize the holes in the back end of the bullpen is a greater priority.

Revealing the rotation order and role for Montero should be among the easiest of things for Collins to decide as there seem to be more pressing questions:

Will Daniel Murphy and/or Wilmer Flores open the season on the disabled list?

Will reliever Vic Black be ready for Opening Day?

Will Niese get his mechanics ironed out?

Who will be the leadoff hitter?

Is there a left-handed reliever out there, anywhere?

So, with at least five significant questions that must be answered immediately, the Mets are spinning their wheels – at least that’s the public perception – on Gee and Montero, which should be givens.


6 thoughts on “With Urgent Questions Simmering, Why Still The Mystery With Gee?

  1. I’m surprised there hasn’t been more talk about the possibility of a 6-man rotation, although it’s possible I missed why it’s been dismissed. I would think it’d be a good way to limit innings for Harvey, DeGrom and Montero throughout the season and Gee, Colon and Niese don’t seem like the type of veterans that would be bothered by the additional rest. Your thoughts John?

    • Bob: Nice to hear from you again. Don’t be a stranger. There was some mention early in spring training but the Mets shot that down almost immediately. … It’s moot now with Wheeler’s injury and the Mets’ refusal not to go with Syndergaard and Matz early in the season. Now, welcome back and don’t disappear again.-JD

  2. I usually get on your case for overstating things, but I’ll agree that it’s odd they won’t clarify the positioning of Gee & Montero.

    It has to be Gee’s job. And I see no benefit of dragging this out, unless you’re trying to motivate Montero? Beyond that, Gee’s never been a bullpen arm, and any trade value he has (for argument’s sake, say they consider moving him regardless of the Wheeler issue) would go in the tank once he’s relegated to long man/7th inning duties. So, yea, this is odd. I also think Warthen talks too much for a pitching coach.

    • Mooney, don’t get me started on Warthen. I have wanted him gone for years. He may be a good coach to seasoned vet pitchers, but he has no clue how to handle young guns. From what I have seen he has ruined most of our young pitchers.
      just my 3 cents

      Steve C.

      • I’ll agree that I’m not exactly a fan of the guy. I wouldn’t say he’s ‘ruined’ most of our young pitchers. There are a lot more factors in play there. But he’s a bit of a blabber mouth and I’m not sure he has the record or history to protect him from legitimate criticism.

        • Every pitcher that comes to the mets has an immediate improvement with their slider. Even the minor leaguers see immediate slider improvement. Even Johan coming off a cy young season where he threw a curve ball 30% of the time and a slider less than 10% threw the slider more than the curve when he became a met. Warthen is nothing more than a slider guru and a lot of these guys end up with tommy john surgery because of it.