Mets Matters: Parnell’s Elbow An Issue

Undoubtedly, Bobby Parnell’s surgically repaired elbow will be the central topic when he addresses the media Wednesday morning.

mets-matters logoWhen will Parnell, who’s expected to open the season on the disabled list, be ready to dive into spring training?

ESPN reported Tuesday it might be up to three weeks, but that’s just speculation at this point. Hopefully, Parnell will shed more light Wednesday.

Currently, Jenrry Mejia is the choice to be the closer to open the season. When Parnell is activated Mejia’s role will change again.

“That’s Terry Collins’ job,’’ Mejia told reporters Tuesday. “That’s not my job. I’ve got to be out there and do the best I can. Whatever Terry Collins wants me to do, I’ve got to do. I’ll go out there. I’ll go to the bullpen, throw the seventh, ninth, eighth inning – whatever they want me to do.’’

BLACK HOPING FOR BETTER SPRING: Thought of as a closer in the future, Vic Black has the stuff for that role, but for now he has the simple ambition of just making it out of Port St. Lucie and to New York.

That wasn’t the case last season when his miserable spring training landed him to the minor leagues.

“There was a desire to finally break camp, finally start with a team,’’ Black told reporters. “I think now it’s understanding that the spring is a preparation for April.’’


8 thoughts on “Mets Matters: Parnell’s Elbow An Issue

  1. Parnell was coming off an injury last year, and his velocity was down for quite some time before he was shut down for elbow problems. It’s a background that makes me wonder whether his only problem was the elbow and that he’ll ever return to his past velocity. I’m not expecting much from him this year.

  2. Parnell was showing a velocity loss in spring training weeks before the arm issue. Now, maybe it had been bothering him all that time. But maybe not. He had been coming off another injury. I’m skeptical we’ll ever see the same velocity, or near it, from Parnell. He may be done as a closer.