Niese Faces Pivotal Season

Every spring there is that singular player whose career might hang in the balance as is Jonathon Niese’s with the New York Mets.

NIESE: Will it ever happen for him?

NIESE: Will it ever happen for him?

It was in 2012 when the Mets signed him to a long-term contract through 2016. They signed him for all the right reasons. He threw hard; is left-handed; the contract provided cost certainty; he had some degree of major league success; and at the time was relatively healthy.

In the three years since, he’s won just 30 games, hadn’t pitched 200 innings in any season, and sustained one form of injury or another every year.

With Matt Harvey, Zack Wheeler and Jacob deGrom, and Noah Syndergaard and left-hander Steven Matz waiting in the wings – and let’s not forget Bartolo Colon and Dillon Gee remain on the 40-man roster – it doesn’t take much to figure Niese’s value to the Mets is rapidly diminishing, especially since they put him on the block over the winter.

All the reasons why the Mets signed Niese, and why he was coveted by other teams in trade talks, aren’t as prevalent. If 2015 is anything like the last three seasons, next year at this time we might not even be talking about him in the rotation as Matz could supplant him.

Of all the Mets who need a big and healthy season, Niese ranks at the top of my list.


5 thoughts on “Niese Faces Pivotal Season

  1. Yes.

    Niese has always never quite made it.

    He has enough talent to be effective but he never quite became really good.

    He is a decent 3/4 type pitcher. I still like the signing as he provides stability even though he has injury issues.

    3 or 4 years ago Gee and Niese would have brought back some nice players. Not any more.

    • Dave: The Mets’ problem in trying to make a trade, at least with Sandy Alderson is that he wants too much in return. I don’t think he knows when to cut his losses. However, in fairness, with Harvey injured last year they had no choice but to hand onto Gee.-JD

  2. Maybe it’s Neise that gets traded this spring if the interest in Gee continues to lag. Could he bring back a decent middle infielder, or a spare OFer with a little pop, or Maybe a decent lefty reliever? I think he might. How about a couple of decent prospects guys like Black and Herrera were when the the Mets got them? You never know. 9 starters seems a little silly.