Gee Emblematic Of Difference Between Mets And Giants

It is more than talented players that separate the San Francisco Giants from the Mets. There is also an organizational philosophy. The Giants’ is about winning; the Mets is about pinching pennies.

It was simply a single line item in the transactions, that the Giants opted to re-sign pitcher Ryan Vogelsong. Here is a team with three World Series titles in the past five years that is loaded with pitching. Madison Bumgarner, Matt Cain, Tim Lincecum, Tim Hudson and Jake Peavey. That’s five starters. Vogelsong makes six, and don’t forget Yusmeiro Petit.

They all have substantial major league track records.

Meanwhile, the Mets are optimistic about their young rotation, and despite legitimate questions about every pitcher, they are determined to deal Dillon Gee, who’ll make just $5.3 million in 2015.

What the Giants realize, that although they have a glut of pitching, you can never have enough pitching. And, this is a perennial winner.

Meanwhile, the Mets, who haven’t had a winning season since 2008, are gambling they will have no pitching issues this summer and are willing to deal Gee to prove their point.

It’s not a gamble they should make.

15 thoughts on “Gee Emblematic Of Difference Between Mets And Giants

  1. Harvey, DeGrom, Wheeler, Niese, Montero, Syndergaard, Matz, Colon, Gee
    9 potential starters with him. I guess it depends on how hardcore you are about having Matz and Thor not starting until after super 2.

    • Thor hasn’t proved he can handle AAA hitters.
      Montero has control problems in the majors
      Matz just got promoted to AAA
      Colon is 100 and a juicer

      Gee while not the best pitcher in the world is reliable for what he is and you know what you are getting.

      Trading a cheap pitcher just because is stupid

      What will we get back? Low A ball talent?

    • dallas: There’s so much potential with the Mets’ rotation. This could actually be a great rotation in time, but there are issues and you know some of them won’t be around after this season.-JD

  2. Sometimes the pessimism of your blog becomes nothing but background noise. Seriously? As of Jan 23 2015, if each team exchanged rotations and top pitching prospects there would be a revolt in Metsland the likes we have never seen.

    • Michael B: Nothing pessimistic about this blog. It’s where you should go when you want to find out what is really going on with the Mets instead of drinking the Kool-Aid you get elsewhere. The Mets are in a better place now, but the Giants remain superior. Three World Series in five years should prove that.-JD

  3. 9 potential starters! That’s depth. trading one or two makes a lot of sense. Gee sitting in the BP loses Value. Montero and Syndergard are knocking on the door and if they can’t get a shot on a rebuilding team when will they? Matz by all accounts is close.
    Shortstop, another power bat, a lefty reliever are all neede. 9 starters is probably two too many.

  4. There are a million things wrong about this organization, how its run. The willingness to trade Gee is not one of them – in fact, trading surplus pitching is long overdue and in my view, not doing so should be criticized.

    Instead, Delcos offers criticism for its opposite despite depth that without Gee includes Matz, Syndergaard, Montero, Torres, Mazzoni and whoever will be the 5th AAA starter and even 4th and 5th should Montero make the Mets as reliever.

  5. Funny article. Good for reading first thing in the morning for a laugh. There is not a single General Manager in baseball that would take the Giants starting rotation over the Mets. Especially when one factors in the Mets depth and I include Brian Sabean in that statement.

    • Mark: You were undoubtedly so eager to try to make a witty comment you didn’t even pay attention to the essence of the post. But, the Giants’ rotation is far superior and deeper than the Mets, yet they understand the value of depth and will keep Vogelsong. At the same time the Mets, who have issues despite their potential, are willing to discard Gee and might not even take a major league player for him. Sorry Mark, you’re wrong on this one. Laughable in your comment, actually.-JD

  6. This is a very simplistic assessment of the situation. First of all, Vogelsong is all but finished, and there have been many instances when a team with too many established starters who don’t start has caused major disruptions to a pitching staff.

    • Original met: The point is basically fundamental in that the Mets don’t have a grasp as to what could all go wrong with their rotation. I’m not sure Vogelsong is washed up. He’s at least as good as Gee.-JD

  7. Implying that Lincecum has value as a starter is laughable by itself, criticizing Sandy for a trade he hasn’t even made is even worse. Gee is a league average starter at best. You are probably the same guy who would complain about “holding young players back” by blocking them with unremarkable veterans in the majors. Lets wait an see how this plays out, but I can guarantee that if the Mets have a downfall this season, it won’t be a lack of depth at starter.

    • Indy: Actually, the Giants are planning on using Lincecum next year in the rotation. You would know this if you weren’t so negative and paid attention to what is going on. I’m sorry the point of my post went over your head, but the issue is a team can’t have enough pitching. Also, regarding Alderson, my criticism in this is his willingness to practically give away Gee and not realize the need for pitching. If you’ve been paying attention, I don’t complain about holding the young players back. To the contrary. The Mets have potential in the rotation, but that doesn’t mean they have what you would call depth. Next time before you comment, you might want to try getting a clue.-JD

  8. Alderson can try to get rid of whomever he wishes to but it takes two to tango, and it seems most if not all GMs would rather deal with just about anyone other than Alderson anymore. I also get a kick out of people who count guys who haven’t sniffed the bigs as depth. If they ain’t ready and they ain’t ever proved anything in the bigs all they are are trading chips that Alderson doesn’t know what to do with.

    • Nat: I agree with you that a lot of GMs don’t want to deal with Alderson because he always wants to win the trade, which is a turnoff. Alsp agree with you on the depth argument, which does apply to Mets’ pitching because it is unproven (the topic of a future post).-JD