Why Didn’t The Mets Lobby For Piazza?

As a Hall of Fame voter, I received emails from several teams over the years lobbying for my vote for one of their players. Seattle wrote me about Edgar Martinez and Boston did likewise for Jim Rice.

There were others.

However, I never received a note from the New York Mets regarding Mike Piazza and I don’t know why.

Surely, it reflects positively on the organization if one of their own gets to Cooperstown. Piazza is one of the more popular players in franchise history, so where’s the love?

I can’t believe the organization doesn’t care, because they’ve gone out of their way to include him in team events in the past.

The only thing I can immediately think of is they are afraid of being embarrassed if he gets in and the PED accusations are later proven true. Or, perhaps they don’t want to be connected to a player with any chance of being linked to steroids.

I voted for Piazza and I didn’t need any lobbying from the Mets. The voting figures to be close, but early reports have Piazza falling short. The announcement will come this afternoon.

Could any stumping by the Mets closed the gap? Hopefully not, but maybe the Mets will get another chance next year.

3 thoughts on “Why Didn’t The Mets Lobby For Piazza?

  1. If the Mets lobbied for Piazza they would be ridiculed for their actions..that might have favorable results elsewhere but not here in the rabid media of NY. Organizations that get away with these types of actions here in NY are the MLB Yankees and the NFL Giants because of past success.

    • wasadeyo: The Yankees and Giants do get a free pass. Even so, if the Mets are going to honor Piazza at Citi Field events, they should lobby for him. He’s one of their own, afterall.-JD

  2. Embarrassed…The scumy Wilpons never apologized for their riches coming from the great ponzi scheme.There is nothing that would embarrass such rotten people,