Would Rather Have Germen Over Mayberry

The Mets made the signing of right-handed hitter John Mayberry Jr., official today and to make room on the 40-man roster they designated for assignment reliever Gonzalez Germen.

Personally, as the San Francisco Giants proved three times over the past five years, bullpen depth is critical for a team’s success, so I would rather have had them keep Germen. To me, a 27-year-old hard-throwing reliever with a fastball in the mid-90s has a greater upside than a 30-year-old with a lifetime .241 batting average and career .305 on-base percentage.

I don’t know what will become of Germen, but Mayberry has proven he’s about as good as he’s going to be. Yes, the Mets need right-handed hitting, but if they won’t spend to get it, then they would stand to have numerous opportunities later.

Speaking of lost opportunities, Houston signed Jed Lowrie to a three-year, $23-million contract. Considering the Mets weren’t willing to go that high in years or dollars, it wasn’t that much of a lost chance.

What this does is only reinforce what I’ve been alluding to for the past month, which is the shortstop’s job belongs to Wilmer Flores.


5 thoughts on “Would Rather Have Germen Over Mayberry

  1. Well one thing for sure Wilmer can hit. 15 homers maybe, 70 RBI. This might be a playoff team.

  2. I am fine with the new guy. If he helps give us options great. I am not sold on Germen. It is a risk, but we have better power arms.

    Thor should be up this year and maybe Matz as well.

    I hope Wilmer can hit. He hasn’t shown so far. Thinking a guy who hasn’t hit can do 15 hr and 70 RBI? Wow.