Examining Mets’ Trade Assets

I keep hearing the Mets are willing to trade and have the chips to do so. However, it is well known they aren’t willing to part with Matt Harvey, Zack Wheeler, Jacob deGrom or Noah Syndergaard.

So, what’s left to deal, and what is their trade value?

As the Winter Meetings progress, let’s examine their trade assets:

Jon Niese: The pros of being left-handed with a manageable salary have been negated by mediocrity and injuries. That the Mets have hung a “For Sale’’ sign on him further lowers his value.

Dillon Gee: Could have value, but more likely at the trade deadline. Mets’ obvious desire to deal him lowers return.

Bartolo Colon: Mets eager to trade him, also. They would have to eat part of his contract. Again, more likely to attract interest at July deadline.

Travis d’Arnaud: Nobody would trade for him outright as he’s still unproven.

Lucas Duda: Has value, but if he goes who will hit home runs?

Daniel Murphy: Haven’t the Mets been wanting to deal him for years? If somebody wants him, he’s available. But, don’t expect him to draw a significant return.

Wilmer Flores: What does it tell you that the Mets are still searching for a shortstop before he even gets a chance?

David Wright: With six years and $107 million remaining on his contract, plus a recent injury history, he’s not going anywhere.

Michael Cuddyer: They just signed him.

Juan Lagares: He could have trade value for a team wanting to build with speed, defense and youth. Oh, wait, isn’t that what the Mets want to do?

Curtis Granderson: His power is in decline and he has three years and $47 million left on his contract. Sure, the Mets would like to deal him. But, who would take on that contract and what could you get?

Jeurys Familia, Jenrry Mejia and Bobby Parnell: Three power arms in the bullpen would attract interest. However, Parnell is coming off an injury that hurts his value. But, haven’t the Mets been wanting to build a bullpen for four years now?

7 thoughts on “Examining Mets’ Trade Assets

  1. All systems are go. This team will contend this year. They might not make the playoffs but they will contend.

  2. Jon – he is mediocre. But I think he is very tradable. You know what you are getting. When there are injuries who ya gonna call?

    Dillon – I was reading they just want to dump salary. I like him but he’s not an ace and our young studs are better

    Dan – I like him. He is the most consistent bat we have. He hits doubles and hits 290. His fielding, not so much. For a pitching team we need to do better but we will miss the bat.

    Wilmer – I like him because he is young and I think he can hit. But the knock on him is he doesn’t have a position. Maybe 2b ( see Dan above)

    Curtis – I hated this signing.

    The arms. I hope Bobby comes back. These are 3 guys who can dial it up. Bobby seems to have figured it out. The other two still need to learn. We shouldn’t trade them.

  3. I don’t think they should be completely against trading the young pitching. There have been some reports lately that they are open to trading Noah. Harvey coming off the injury probably has 0 chance of being traded, but I don’t think the others should necessarily be untouchable. There might not be a player available worth trading any of those guys for, but the Mets should certainly keep their options open.

    And TDA probably does have value. He had a good second half last year – and while he is “unproven” …unproven players get traded all the time. He’s already been traded twice. But I don’t think the Mets are likely to trade him. They are trying to improve the offense so they are unlikely to move an inexpensive bat.

  4. Good article. On Granderson, I’d take a bucket of balls. He’s terrible, will be a year older, and with Long as his coach and playing with shorter fences in 2012, he K’d 195 times and batted .230. It’s only going to get worse. Moving him and playing den Dekker would raise BA for the postion by 30 to 50 points, lower K’s, increase defense and speed. Sure, homers would drop. Who cares? The Royals, Cards and Giants did better than hr team, e.g., O’s, Tigers, Dodgers in the post season. The new game, post PED’s is about contact, not hr’s. Hitting 40 hr’s with 175 K’s a lot more acceptable than 175 K’s and 23 hr’s. It’s a new era, shun hr’s, get better BA players.