Tulowitzki Is Wishful Thinking

Unquestionably, a healthy Troy Tulowitzki makes the Mets a better team. I read something again today about the Mets dealing for him, but if you are a true fan of the team you know that’s not how they do business.

TULO: Just wishful thinking.

TULO: Just wishful thinking.

The last star the Mets traded for was Johan Santana, but they were closer to winning then than they are now. Plus, it is debatable how that trade worked out.

At 30, Tulowitzki is still in him prime and last year’s numbers of .340, 21 homers, 52 RBI, .432 on-base percentage and 1.035 OPS through 91 games before he was injured make a compelling argument for breaking the bank.

However, if you’re a true Mets fan – and I assume most of you are – then you also know “the bank,’’ is the franchise’s North Star. Tulowitzki is owed $129 million over the next seven seasons and to the Mets’ line of thinking, that number supersedes those at the plate.

And, we haven’t gotten to the part yet about the Rockies’ demands. Sorry, but Daniel Murphy and Dillon Gee – both of whom the Mets would love to trade because of their salaries, which combined are less than $13 million – won’t cut it. This isn’t talk-radio fantasy land when you give up nothing for a star.

At least two of those young arms the team is building around have to be included. There is also the possibility that to make this deal Tulowitzki’s contract would be modified. He has a clause that prohibits him being traded more than once, so, if the Rockies deal him the Mets would not be allowed if they believe the contract is a burden. At least, not without a cost.

A red flag is Tulowitzki’s injury history, which has prevented him from playing more than 140 games only once since 2009.

If the Mets were really on the cusp, then go for it. However, there are too many variables that scream this is not the right player at the right time. The Mets finally rid themselves of burdensome contracts and are making themselves competitive again.

This is too much of a gamble.

4 thoughts on “Tulowitzki Is Wishful Thinking

  1. Tulo would be dream come true until the cost is figured in. A Gregorius or Miller is enough to make this team a contender. Montero or Mejia with either a den Dekker/Neeuwenhis or Flores could get it done.

  2. Agree, too much of a gamble. The Mets will probably be pretty good next year but I think waiting another year or two before trading for a superstar is their best bet for winning a World Series. Tulowitzki was phenomenal last year before his injury. He was having an MVP season. He is really really good. But he probably won’t be quite that good next year and he’s always an inury risk. Also he is 31, which means he is on the decline. I don’t think it makes sense yet to do a deal like this.

  3. Getting him is stupid. Empty your young arms means no team. So you get a star who will soon decline because of injuries and you pay him primo dollars.

    You also didn’t mention the coors differential