Look For Mets To Keep Tejada And Non-Tender Young

The Mets have until midnight today to decide whether to tender contracts to infielder Ruben Tejada and outfielder Eric Young. Speculation has the Mets keeping Tejada and cutting Young loose for economic and practical reasons.

The Mets are uncertain about shortstop but appear to be leaning to unproven Wilmer Flores. Given the high probability of not acquiring a “name’’ shortstop this winter, the Mets need a fallback if Flores doesn’t work out. And, at a projected $1.7 million, Tejada is an inexpensive option.

Meanwhile, Young, who’ll make over $2 million, won’t start because he can’t crack the outfield of Michael Cuddyer, Juan Lagares and Curtis Granderson. Young’s 30 stolen bases would be missed, but the Mets prefer the friendly contracts of Kirk Nieuwenhuis and Matt den Dekker.

So, unless something unforeseen happens the rest of the day, Tejada will stay and Young will go. Quite simple, really.

2 thoughts on “Look For Mets To Keep Tejada And Non-Tender Young

  1. As usual, the Mets do things backwards.

    You have Wilfredo Tovar making minimum wage with a plus glove and baserunning speed on the 40-man roster who can be a late inning defensive replacement. You have Matt Reynolds who tore up AAA last year.

    Lost Young and you have taken a huge hit to the late inning pinch running (though den Dekker can steal a base or two, he’s not in Young’s league).

    It’s amusing, really. Other teams ponder whether or not to offer 8-9 figure contracts to players and the Mets are falling all over themselves to save $1.5 million. It’s that kind of thinking that lost them LaTroy Hawkins and Justin Turner.

    • THe Mets are bankrupt. Get over it

      I like what they did. EY is a good defender. den Dekker is a much better defender with speed. He is younger and deserves a chance. I know what EY can do. He has energy can play a good OF and can run really well. Matt is a better defender and when paired with Juan gives you great late inning defence. He also is a decent runner and potentially a better bat.

      The players you mention at short have some talent. Ruben is a good option to have since we are not blessed with infield talent. Tovar is a good glove who has always had problems staying on the field. The other two need seasoning. Ruben is here. Occasionally he can be a good player, but it seems that after being called up he regressed to being a good AAA player and not a MLB a player.