Why Mets Can’t Attract Quality Free Agents

The Mets’ inability to hire a hitting coach illustrates indecision, which is one of several reasons why marquee free agents won’t come here.

Among the others:

New York: The city can be daunting for someone who only experienced it in a hotel room and stadium. It is very expensive to live here, crowded and there’s the media crush.

The Yankees: Considering the above factors, if a player is willing to come, there’s no contest when the Yankees are also interested, as they will always pay more.

Money: The Mets’ track record under Sandy Alderson is to stay away from big money contracts, which is also why a trade for a guy like Troy Tulowitzki and subsequent contract extension will never happen.

Commitment to winning: The Mets’ reputation in the sport is they are not willing to go the extra mile to bring in good-to-great players because of the cost. That might also come to play down the road when it comes to dealing with Matt Harvey.

Youth: The Mets are rebuilding and many veterans not hanging on for a paycheck don’t want to be a part of that situation.

Continuity: Since their last World Series appearance in 2000, the Mets have had four general managers and five managers, which doesn’t promote commitment. For example, the Mets have manager Terry Collins to only a one-year extension.

Treatment of players: Players talk and often gripe. The issue over Carlos Beltran’s surgery, circumstances around Jose Reyes’ departure, and trade of R.A. Dickey all raised red flags about how the organization handles key issues. And, don’t think for a second the bickering between Harvey and management doesn’t raise questions.

Wilpon Situation: Players and agents aren’t stupid. They are aware of the Wilpon’s financial situation and how it impacts the team. They know there will be low-ball offers and salary dumps can come at any time.

Hiring a hitting coach should be a simple matter, especially when others have done the same with former Mets’ coaches.


When it comes to the Mets, for those on the outside looking in, perception is reality.

14 thoughts on “Why Mets Can’t Attract Quality Free Agents

  1. This article should be edited down to the following text:
    “Money: The Mets’ track record under Sandy Alderson is to stay away from big money contracts”
    All of the other words are superfluous.

  2. They have been looking for a hitting coach for about a week. Criticizing that is a bit silly.

    • Jonathan: I beg to differ. They’ve been thinking about who should be their new hitting coach as soon as they dumped Hudgens, then actively seeking one since they re-assigned Lamar. That’s closer to a month than a week.-JD

  3. Alderson must have been listening to you – they’ve signed Long as the new hitting coach!

  4. It starts with your last point. It is their team. Lack of commitment, lack of money, treatment of players start with the owner.

    Little Jeffy is clueless. Fred is mean and vindictive. He called out players for not going to his charity events that are optional. If they are mandatory say so.

    There is Beltran where he tried to destroy the reputation of the Mets premier player. He was the Mets best all around player. Stellar defensively, high batting avg, good power. So the owner has a hissy fit that the player had surgery to prolong his career over the considered opinion of the inept Met medical staff that wanted to sit on the injury.

    • The manner in which they treat players is totally classless.
      Criticizing R A Dickey for climbing a mountain for charity and then bashing him on the way out the door, leaking things about Ike Davis’s habits of going out at night,
      calling Tejada fat and then making him your everyday SS , the Walter Reed incident…it goes on and on. It’s hard to believe this organization are business men with the way they conduct themselves.
      What self respecting potential hitting coach would go to such a dysfunctional organization let alone a player.

      Hopefully when the sexual discrimination lawsuit comes up we can learn more about what goes on behind the scenes with Jeff Wilpon.

    • Dave: Beltran is one of the best position players in franchise history. It’s a shame he wasn’t embraced by management or the fans. C’mon, this is a guy who played with a broken face after that horrendous outfield collision in his first year here.-JD