Will Another $10 Million In Payroll Make Much Difference?

As it usually is this time of year, the issue is money, specifically how much are the Mets willing to spend.

The days of $140 million payrolls for them are long since gone. It was around $83 last season and ESPN’s Adam Rubin said they might go as high as $93 million. I trust Rubin’s reporting. As far as I am concerned, he’s the best reporter on the Mets’ beat.

searchIt’s not how much you spend, but how it is supposed to be spent. Therein lies the problem, in that none of us know what GM Sandy Alderson is capable of doing with a lot of money.

He was hired to cut payroll, not add to it and dip into the free-agent market. Assuming a $10 bump in payroll, most will go to raises and arbitration cases. Another $10 million won’t substantially improve the Mets, who have questions at shortstop, left field and maintenance of their bullpen.

This also doesn’t account for on-the-fly patching, which could not only be at catcher – where Travis d’Arnaud is no sure thing – but any position.

The Mets’ problems have been identified, but another $10 million won’t make much difference. Not if they want to be competitive.

8 thoughts on “Will Another $10 Million In Payroll Make Much Difference?

  1. I realize 10 million is a lot of money but in baseball it’s like counting pennies.
    I don’t see how this is going to give us better hitters.

  2. $10 million over 3 years. I know mets need one maybe two bats. trade hefner and tajad bring up noah. you will have an awsome pitching staff.also keep backman just in case collions don’t get off to a fast start

  3. The key to any time is soild pitching which has been a hall mark of the met’s look at the 69 staff and the 86 staff any starter could be a number one. Don’t trade any pitchers.if anderson don’t get the job done get lou gorman he was with the late frank cashen and help buil the team, later met the met’s in 86 for boston red soxs