The Obstacle In Trading For Power

It isn’t that Daniel Murphy doesn’t have value to another team in a straight trade; it is he won’t be able to bring back much in return by himself.

With the Mets’ greatest need power; Murphy is a line-drive gap hitter with limited power. To acquire a 30-homer bat, the Mets would have to sweeten the pot considerably. That would mean dealing one of their pitchers. The Mets don’t want to trade Matt Harvey, Zack Wheeler, Noah Syndergaard and Jacob deGrom, as that is their core.

The most likely pitchers they’ll offer are Jon Niese and Dillon Gee. Perhaps both. That probably won’t get it done, either.

The way I see it, to get a power bat the Mets must spend in the free-agent market or offer more in a trade. Because past history indicates they likely won’t do either, I see them hoping for bounce-back seasons from David Wright and Curtis Granderson, and improvement from Lucas Duda to get their power.

Otherwise, they’ll probably come back next season with roughly the same team.



4 thoughts on “The Obstacle In Trading For Power

  1. Let’s say that Wright and Granderson are “a little” better next year (not back to their career averages). Couple that with an exact repeat (zero improvement) from Duda. Then throw in whatever they expect from dar Naud, Flores, and Lagares. That “could” be a decent improvement from 2014. If they can get one veteran outfield bat with pop – they could net out to be noticeably better than this year.
    That’s a lot of IF’s though.

  2. Why do we need power? I don’t understand the fixation on power.

    Grandy sucks, and we want to move in the fences to stroke him? What about the pitchers? What is the strength of the team? The young power pitchers or the Punch and Judy lineup?

    Murphy is our best hitter. Let me repeat that. He is our best hitter. He hits for avg and hits doubles. He just hits. He is not a power guy, so what? His problem is fielding.

    We need a better OF and a shortstop, maybe a third baseman and generally a team that can hit.

    We have Dan and hopefully Travis and Juan who hit 260 and above. David is slipping with his chronic injuries although he still has the gold glove. And that is it. We have one legit bat in the lineup that gives you 280+, one. And yet we always want to trade the only guy with a clue at the plate. Unbelievable.

    • Dave: This era loves power, but teams can win without it. Moving in the fences might help a few hitters, but it will harm all the pitchers. I can almost justify bringing in the fences if Granderson didn’t strike out so much. Run production is important, but it doesn’t always have to come from home runs.-JD