It’s Official: Alderson And Collins To Return

The news many Mets fans didn’t want to hear – a three-year extension for GM Sandy Alderson and with it a new contract for manager Terry Collins – was announced this afternoon.

And, that’s a good thing.

“We are excited about the direction the team is headed and look forward to Sandy continuing his efforts to build the Mets into a postseason contender,’’ Chief Operating Officer Jeff Wilpon said in a conference call. “Sandy and his staff have built our minor league system into one of the best in baseball, and will continue to balance player development along with making key additions that will help us reach our goals.’’



The minor league system has been greatly improved with the drafting of Zach Wheeler and Jacob deGrom, and trades for Travis d’Arnaud, Noah Syndergaard, Vic Black and Dilson Herrera. (Note: Matt Harvey was drafted in the Omar Minaya regime).

Alderson, hired after the 2010 season, is signed through 2017 while Collins’ option for 2015 was picked up. Alderson hired Collins at that time.

“Terry Collins has done an excellent job for us this season,’’ Alderson said. “The team has played hard throughout the year and this is a reflection of Terry’s energy and his passion for the game and for the Mets. We look forward to his leadership again next season.’’

Both were given “Get out of jail free’’ cards after the news Matt Harvey would miss the season. Despite that, a weak offense and myriad of other issues, the Mets are 76-80 this season after 156 games compared to 71-85 at the same time in 2013, an improvement of five games.

If they finish .500 by winning five of their remaining six games, it would be the first time in the Alderson-Collins tenure.

Just how could the Mets not bring them back, especially considering their mantra has been to make improvement?

There have been the usual grumblings of not spending – they had an $85-million payroll this season – but that’s better than the wasted money spent on the contracts for Jason Bay, Francisco Rodriguez, Luis Castillo and Oliver Perez.

Alderson rid the Mets’ of the clubhouse cancers Perez and Castillo; traded Carlos Beltran for Wheeler; and R.A. Dickey for Syndergaard and d’Arnaud.

On the downside, there were the free-agent signings of Chris Young ($7.25 million over one year); Frank Francisco (two years, $12 million) and right-hander Shaun Marcum (one year, $4 million plus incentives).

Nonetheless, despite not breaking the bank, Alderson has the Mets in better position than when he was hired.

Collins does make some head-scratching comments, such as suggesting New York isn’t that far from Washington, which only makes sense if your measuring stick is miles and not player talent.

The Mets surpassed Philadelphia and Miami in the NL East and enter tonight’s game tied with Atlanta for second.

Be honest, you would’ve taken that in a heartbeat if that were offered coming out of spring training. The Mets still have a lot of issues after this season, but they aren’t the hopeless mess they used to be, even with their murky financial picture.


8 thoughts on “It’s Official: Alderson And Collins To Return

  1. I am happy with Alderson, neutral about Collins. But we aren’t getting any of those “smuggling marijuana in peanut butter jars” scandals

  2. I wonder if you writers ever really do any background before you write this stuff how can you say alderson has done a good job 4 YEARS AND WE HAVE THE SAME RECORD!!!, and when he finally does spend some money look at his FA record OH MY GOD its been terrible and by the way he did not draft Jacob and as a matter of fact at the beginning of the year he said he might not be brought up since he wasn’t moving up fast enough and IF he wasn’t brought up WE WOULD HAVE LOST HIM IN THE RULE 5 DRAFT great and NOT 1 PLAYER HE HAS DRAFTED HAS MADE IT TO THE MAJORS and as for collins he probably cost us 5-7 games just this year with the moves he makes or doesn’t make point of fact early this year we are playing the cubs they have a lefty up probably their best hitter Rizzo collins lets a righty Black pitch to him WHEN he has a lefty warmed up in the bullpen AND DOESN’T USE HIM the guy who loves to make all those pitching changes, to me all this means is that the CHEAPSKATES don’t intend to spend any more money we will stay a small maket team i’d bet they are banking their revenue sharing split just like KC and Miami does.

    • ikemaulman: I do plenty of research. The number one fact of this issue is that Alderson was primarily brought in to keep the team competitive while cutting payroll, which he has done. … I don’t dispute what you wrote other than to say Alderson and Collins met their job descriptions.-JD

  3. I think Sandy has done a good job and the kids seem to do well under Terry.

    You mention chris Young as one of the terrible offseason signings but not Granderson.

    His fielding is about average and he has some power and hits 220. For a team that can’t hit and hasn’t in a long time I do not understand the need to spend $25m or whatever on two players who can’t hit. Better to get one player who is a good defender and can hit 280 or so. As it is I am reading how we need to get an OF for next year. Didn’t we just spend a ton for the OF and get nothing? For all that money we would get more production just bringing up some kid who hits 220 and save Freddy the $$ he so needs.