Collins Blowing Smoke; It’s Flores’ Job To Lose

Terry Collins insists shortstop will be wide open next spring, but what else can he say?

Even after Wilmer Flores homered twice and drove in six runs Tuesday night in a 9-1 rout of the Marlins, and has driven in 10 runs over the last four games, Collins is dancing the politically correct line.

He has to.

FLORES: Should get job. (Getty)

FLORES: Should get job. (Getty)

He can’t give the job to Flores outright, because it will hurt whatever trade value Ruben Tejada might have left. Plus, Flores hasn’t exactly done it all year. What if he regresses?

Flores always had a greater offensive potential than Tejada, with the latter having the better of it defensively. However, one of the biggest surprises this summer has been Flores’ play at shortstop. He doesn’t have great range – that can be made up by better positioning, which he’ll learn – but seems to make most of the plays.

My feeling is Flores would help win more games with his bat than Tejada will with his glove.

Collins has to blow a little smoke because that’s what managers do, but bet on Flores getting the job next year.

14 thoughts on “Collins Blowing Smoke; It’s Flores’ Job To Lose

  1. I hope Flores gets the job…I can live with his adequate D..and what appars to be his exceptional offensive potential…..a bat in Left is whats needed…

    • pal88: Like I said, Flores could win more games with his bat than lose with his glove. Yes, left field is a black hole. Don’t think E Young will be here next year, and I’m not sold on den Dekker and Nieuwenhuis offensively.-JD

  2. Adequate D is what Tejada gives you, average range, and makes most of the plays. Flores has the range of a Murphy at second. It is still a question of whether he makes most of the plays. there was a reason the Mets moved him off the position three seasons ago when he was still in A ball.

    • Ok….let me rephrase….I’m perfectly happy with his below average D..if he brings his above ave offensive capability…better?

    • Hey hey: Tejada was supposed to be a good glove, but that hasn’t been the case. Flores has average range, but that could be corrected with better positioning. He hasn’t been bad defensively.-JD

  3. Collins the “Imbecile” should have made a lot of common sense decisions sooner but didn’t.
    Flores should have been playing SS no later than the all star but Collins preferred Tejada even when hitting under or close to 200 for most of the year.

    Collins preferred to bat Curtis Granderson lead-off even when it was obvious that Curtis was not getting on base and was batting under or close to 200.

    Collins insisted in playing CY when it was clear that he was a lost cause and to make it even worse, he batted him on the 5th slot.

    Collins insisted to start his man crush EY when he was bringing virtually nothing to the game.

    All those combined decisions attributed to the Mets being eliminated and having to wait yet again for next year.

    And who is the favorite to be managing the Mets next year? none other than the current Imbecile.

  4. I could go back even further on the issues with Collins, but since we’re sticking to this season, let’s see:

    Burning out relief pitchers
    Benching hot rookies upon arrival or after big games
    Putting rookies in the 8 spot in the order with no protection then wondering why they fail
    Not resting David Wright when it was obvious he was hurting and they were out of contention
    Showing all the emotion of Jeff Torborg
    Telling the media he doesn’t have time to develop players as he’s trying to win games
    Keeping the hottest (or potentially hottest) hitters on the bench instead of playing them

    The man has to go. If I were the Wilpons (though I am not one to discriminate against my female employees) I would extend Sandy Alderson’s contract with the provision that he find someone to fire up the team…someone who has won everywhere he’s managed…someone just named Manager of the Year, perhaps. I firmly believe Collins will start the year with the lineup pencil in his hand, but his leash will be VERY short. Unfortunately Plan B is more likely someone like Teufel or Geren rather than Backman.

  5. I don’t like the way Collins ‘blows off’ Flores at pressers and we’re supposed to think he’s the best man to develop young players. I find it interesting that the people who defend Collins continually say the young guys love him, I think that’s pure bull.