How Collins Views Wilmer Flores


The following transcript is courtesy of Adam Rubin of ESPN New York. It’s a conversation between reporters and Terry Collins at Citi Field regarding Wilmer Flores.

Reporter: ”When you take a look at Wilmer Flores, when he was up here in May, when he played in five consecutive games, he hit. When he plays every other game he doesn’t hit. Is now the time to see what Flores can do on an everyday basis?”

Collins: ”It all depends where you’re going to play him.”

Reporter: ”You don’t have confidence in him at shortstop?”

Collins: ”No, no. I didn’t say that. The other kid [Tejada] is playing pretty good. I don’t know what games you’ve been watching, but we’ve been playing pretty good lately.”

Reporter: ”He’s 3-for-29.”

Collins: ”We’re playing pretty good lately. You know, Ike Davis wasn’t hitting and we were winning games. So you pick and choose your spots. Wilmer came up because Ruben got beaned, so we were concerned about having a backup. So that’s why he’s here. There were no instructions to play him everyday. We’re going to try to get him at-bats. That’s why he’s in there today.”

Reporter: ”What do you need to see from him to keep him in the lineup everyday?”

Collins: ”Nothing from him. We’ve got to figure out if he is going to be the shortstop, or if the other guy is going to be the shortstop.”

During Flores’ first call-up to the Mets, he hit a grand slam and drove in six against the Phillies to win the game. Afterward, Collins said the following about Flores:

“It’s not like he hit it against Cliff Lee.”

After sitting idle for 12 straight days, Collins was asked if that was harmful to Flores’ development. The Mets manager responded:

“I cant worry about developing players, I have games I’ve got to win.”

Last week, when asked if Flores would share time at short with Tejada, the Mets manager said:

“Lets understand that if Tejada didn’t get beaned, Flores is not even here right now. Got it?”

Cripes… Yeah, we got it…

10 thoughts on “How Collins Views Wilmer Flores

  1. This is why he’s not a good manger because he doesn’t even know what hell he’s talking about Tejada can’t hit his way out of a wet paper bag and for the most part this kills just about every rally I think they should play Flores more than Tejada for the rest of the season and see what kide of numbers he puts up

    • Bart: There’s stuff not to like about Collins, but I think he’ll be back. If they finish strong and have a better than last season, he deserves to return. Remember, he has the team approaching .500 without a productive Wright and Granderson, Harvey out for the season and a spotty-at-times bullpen.-JD

  2. Collins attitude towards Flores as a player really stinks. I mean this is coming from a manager who benched the NL stolen base leader in favor of a player who is hitting .200. It’s also the same manager who killed the Met offense by keeping Ike Davis in the cleanup spot.

  3. Nearly everyone seems to agree that the Mets need to upgrade at SS & LF. They have not been a good hitting team for a long time. Flores has proven to be a solid hitter when given the chance. I can only conclude that Tejada is TC’s illegitimate son or maybe they just have a special relationship. I’m at a loss for words.

    • RDS900: They might not need a shortstop considering the positive vibes around Flores. … Left field is wide open, and I don’t know if den Dekker and/or Kirk will provide the offense they need.-JD

  4. Terry is an imbecile who has extremely poor managing skills. The only reason the Mets have been watchable is because of the decent pitching of Colon, Wheeler, and Degrom. Gee and Niese are currently struggling and this is not a playoff bound team by any stretch of the imagination. Tejada is a back up player who can field a bit but has limited range and has limited baseball instincts. Collins really should be playing Flores everyday at SS to see what he can bring to the table. Flores is not the kind of guy that can come off the bench to play once a week. He needs to play at least 85-to-90% of the time. Don’t get me wrong Tejada has been an alright back up type of player but he is not an everyday guy but Terry “if I only had a brain” Collins is playing him as if he is the next reincarnation of Derek Jeter and Troy Tulowitzki combined. He has done the same crap with the outfield. They should have shown Chris Young the door and kept Capn’ Kirk as he is a gamer and makes a real decent 4th or 5th outfielder who plays good defense, can run, steal a base or two, and can throw the ball real well. Kirk may only hit 250 but he has some pop and is a left handed bat off the bench so why was he optioned to Vegas and why was the Mendoza line hitting Chris Young kept? If there is a way for Terry Collins to f___k with a young player’s mind he is the manager you would choose to mind game a young player into oblivion. Bring Kirk back and play Flores everyday as there is no way in all of hell or heaven this is a playoff bound team at least not with Terry Collins as manager.

    • Yaz: They never should have opened the door for Young in the first place. … You’re right about Tejada. He’s as good as he’s going to get. And, Flores needs to play because he has a greater upside.-JD