Chris Young and Sandy’s Big Gamble

chris young

Sandy Alderson’s $7.25 million gamble that Chris Young would suddenly revitalize his career by offering him an everyday role has come up snake-eyes for the New York Mets GM.

As Young shown throughout his career, he was not able to suddenly start hitting righthanded pitching the way Sandy thought he would simply by letting him face more of them. You see the trick to this game is to try and minimize the bad at-bats, the bad matchups, the bad results.

You can’t put out a fire by dousing it with gasoline, and that’s essentially what has happened here with Chris Young.

Alderson believed that CY’s .219 batting average over the last two years was an aberration and the result of inconsistent playing time. Wrong.

However, all the extra playing time has now resulted in career worst numbers for Young who went 0-for-3 on Wednesday and is now batting .195 with three homers and 11 RBI for the season. Hardly the middle of the order slugger Sandy thought he was getting when he decided to invest 9 percent of his payroll budget on him.

Young’s playing days are now winding down and the rebuilding Mets have turned to 40-year old Bobby Abreu as their short term solution, opting for the grizzled veteran instead of younger options like Eric Campbell or Kirk Nieuwenhuis, who homered two more times last night for Triple-A Las Vegas.

The impetus for the Mets underperforming offense which led to the firing of hitting coach Dave Hudgens, is as much on the shoulders of Chris Young more than any other player on the roster.

Seeing Young fail again and again in endless RBI situations may have been the tipping point for what transpired after the weekend series with the Diamondbacks. 

What happens now?

It’s tough to say now that Collins has grown enamored with Abreu, who was only supposed to be the bat off the bench and not someone getting a healthy diet of everyday playing time.

But you have to believe that at some point Nieuwenhuis, who is 14 years younger than Abreu and has hit eight homers this season, more than any other player on the Mets roster, will get another chance to show if he belongs.

There’s no guarantee that Kirk will be the answer. But in a true rebuild and on most any major league roster with an eye toward the future, the choice between Chris Young, Bobby Abreu and Kirk Nieuwenhuis, wouldn’t be as difficult a decision as it seems to be for the Mets.

8 thoughts on “Chris Young and Sandy’s Big Gamble

  1. A week ago I would have agreed with everything you wrote here, particularly this “Alderson believed that CY’s .219 batting average over the last two years was an aberration and the result of inconsistent playing time.”
    However, it is far, far worse than that.

    Sandy’s recent quotes “we thought we’d be getting .235, .240 with an OBP of about .325 and some power” shows that he was under no illusions about what Young was, and is.

    And THAT is far worse. For G0d’s sake WHY would you sign that production? Much less for $7.25 mil? That is someone you offer a minor league deal to at best.

  2. Blaming Alderson is a joke. Young and Granderson were fully aware of the high expectations that was expected of them going into this season. The fault lies in both players not fulfilling their obligations to the team. Wake up Joe D. You can fire people all you want but it wont change unless players live up to the salaries they are paid. It’s so easy to blame the Wilpons, Alderson etc…This article was poorly written, poorly thought out, and a waste of time for readers looking for something more professional.

    • Dear Mr Hammer. Just because you overpay a guy doesn’t make him a star. It makes you a rotten GM , and to blame players for playing to their declining levels of ability shows that you are stupider than Alderson is as a GM.

  3. TC is fighting for his job, no way is he going to put younger players in the lineup. Looks like he thinks the older players will win more games for him. It’s time to dump him and bring up the triple A crew.

  4. I don’t hate the Chris Young signing as much as most people…try and catch lightning in a bottle…he didn’t cost any prospects, he didn’t cost a draft pick, he’s only here for one year…

    People overreact like it was a Jason Bay type blunder…

    Alderson should have traded Reyes and Wright for prospects….that was his failure

  5. Again…its not like CY is blocking anyone…Puello isn’t knocking down the door…Kirk isn’t anything more than a 5th OF….Nimmo isn’t in AA yet…