A Message For Our Readers

April 18

I just wanted to update and let you know that John is still hospitalized after suffering a significant setback which will need another surgery to resolve it.

He told me to pass along the fact that he misses all his readers and especially writing about the Mets.

March 31

I wanted to pass along that about a week ago, John had a very serious fall that resulted in a few severe injuries including a compound fracture of his arm.

He’s been hospitalized for the last ten days and had surgery to place titanium plates and screws to repair his breaks.

However there have been some complications and he will remain hospitalized for at least another week.

I wanted to make his readers aware.

Please keep him in your prayers as he tries to overcome his injuries and get back to writing.

16 thoughts on “A Message For Our Readers

  1. Sorry to hear this. I don’t leave comments, but I check the site once or twice a day most of the year (maybe a few times during the week in the deepest parts of winter). This is a great sources for no-BS Mets info and analysis. Take care and get feeling better John.


  2. Oh, Lord, I was wondering what had happened to John.
    John, all the best on a speedy and complete recovery, you are in
    my thoughts and prayers.

  3. Hey John, get well, your Mets fans need you. So shock to learn of you accident. Praying that you get great therapy and care that gets you back into action soon. – k

  4. John, I come over everyday to see if you are back yet, here’s hoping you’re feeling better.