Black Shocked He Was Demoted

Reliever Vic Black has been optioned and will begin the season in Triple-A Las Vegas, the team announced via Twitter on Wednesday.

“I didn’t see it coming, but I also couldn’t expect anything different really because what I did was struggle all spring,” Black said. “And that’s not what they’re trying to put together on the team right now. Like they said, especially starting off, you’re trying to get hot out of the gates, and I didn’t give them the best opportunity for what they were hoping. I know they were disappointed, as am I, which is part of it. But I’ll be back.”

Black, 25, has had a rough spring training and in 10 Grapefruit League games he has posted a 5.79 ERA, allowing 13 hits while walking 10 batters, in 9.1 innings pitched.

No word yet on who replaces Black in the bullpen, perhaps Gonzalez Germen, but kudos to the Mets for making a tough decision like this, as much as it must have pained them to do so.

I felt as though things were heading this way for Black the last two weeks and I spoke to one prominent Pirates blogger who told me his inconsistency with command made it easy for the Pirates to move him in the Marlon Byrd deal.

Hopefully this serves as a wake-up call for Black, and that he can work himself back to the Mets in short order. It also has the added benefit of alerting all Mets pitchers about the importance of throwing strikes.

One last thing. For years I’ve hammered the Mets on occasion for a lack of accountability. What I mean is that they demand accountability from their players, but all too often would wait months before actually addressing poor production from one of their players. In fact, Terry Collins and Sandy Alderson would usually stand at the podium and make excuses for their players rather than taking action.

Cutting Vic Black was a refreshing departure from the status quo. It showed that the word accountability actually means something again and that there would be swift action if one’s results weren’t measuring up. Good to see.

5 thoughts on “Black Shocked He Was Demoted

  1. They do have more depth in the pitching staff so it makes proper decisions easier.

    Too bad Viola is sick. He could help this guy

  2. I might buy your accountability argument except for Valverde, who can’t get little leaguers out anymore who made the team, and Lannan, who is WORSE against lefties than righties and who also had an awful spring, making the team as a lefty out of the pen.

    This management is incredible. They managed to put together a team without a single one of the exciting prospects fans are waiting for. Tejada instead of Flores, no Montero or Thor, likely no Mejia, etc, etc.

    Pathetic. 90 wins? With THAT bullpen and the Ike/Duda soap opera? More like 90 losses.

  3. Let’s not forget Gonzalez Germen, who seems in line to benefit from Black’s demotion and has shown himself to be the second coming of Armando Benitez.

  4. If the Mets were sincere about winning they would promote the rookies and not worry about guys getting paid to sit the bench.