This Is What The Mets Should Do Immediately

There’s a distinction between ideal and reality for the New York Mets. Ideally, they’d like a healthy Ike Davis or Lucas Duda at first base, to hit 30 home runs and build a consistent attack around them.

However, reality has the Mets – according to ESPN – still trying to deal Davis, and both with nagging leg injuries.

DAVIS:  Time to think DL. (AP)

DAVIS: Time to think DL. (AP)

Neither had significant time this spring and are not running. With Opening Day less than two weeks away, they won’t get the time needed and quite possibly be healed.

That leads us to the reality, and it is harsh.

GM Sandy Alderson is dreaming if he believes he can deal Davis now. Alderson’s bargaining power is even less than it was during the winter.

Davis is hard to move because of his recent production and health issues. He’s even harder now with a nothing spring training. The best option with Davis is for him to open the season on the disabled list and just get well.

The same goes for Duda. Nobody expects anything from either, so let’s move on. Do it now and give what is suggested a time to jell.

Putting Davis on the disabled list is the lead domino, because other moves will follow, and there’s precious little time remaining to get cohesive.

They begin with moving Daniel Murphy, who has the experience, to first base. I previously suggest this spring to use Wilmer Flores because he can play the infield corners, but force-feeding him another position could backfire.

Of course, first base is a power position and Murphy won’t give much. Then again, how much power have they been given by Davis and Duda? I’d rather have Murphy’s .285 average and unimpressive on-base percentage than Davis’ .205 average and thundering nine homers.

With Murphy at first, Eric Young can be moved from left field to second base.

I always wanted Young in the starting lineup because I believe he helps the Mets more offensively in the leadoff position than Juan Lagares would defensively in center field.

This enables the Mets to give Lagares at-bats on the major league level instead of at Triple-A Las Vegas.

There are potential glitches, but it at least keeps the Mets afloat.

7 thoughts on “This Is What The Mets Should Do Immediately

  1. Why keeping screwing with Murphy?..He worked hard to be more than adequate at 2nd base..I say leave him there..put Satin oj Lagares in CF…and use EJ as 4th outfielder

  2. I like the idea of not rushing Ike or Duda. Let’s start them out on the DL and then have them play some games in Vegas. Bring either one up when he is out-hitting Satin, which should be never.

  3. I am listening to the game and Ron or Keith said Juan is an eyeball player. Meaning that you watch him. Because something happens. Not long after they said that Juan got on with a fielders choice. Stole second and advanced on an error. Setting the team up for a score. Didn’t happen because we can’t hit..

    • Also did I mention he is perhaps the best CF in the game? Who covers more ground and guns them out at the plate or third better than he? Yes he needs to hit, but it is not like EY hits. Oh and he can run a bit too. He is not slow.

  4. I would rather stick someone at first who can catch the ball rather than make 2 defensive moves to solve the Ike problem.

    • Dave: I fully understand the case for Lagares. But, they are wasting him if he’s on the bench. He should either play full time here or in the minors.-JD