Mariners Still Looking To Move Franklin, Scouting The Mets


If you think it’s too late for teams to swing deals, think again. The Mariners are still actively scouting the Mets according to a report by ESPN New York’s Adam Rubin. He states that Seattle has been religiously attending Mets games, and doubled their scouting contingent in Port St. Lucie on Monday.

It’s no secret that Seattle is shopping shortstop Nick Franklin and MLB Trade Rumors suspects they are readying a proposal for the Mets and are trying to determine a fair asking price. I agree with them.

Seattle is presumably looking for a young pitching prospect in return of similar value. Obviously, Noah Syndergaard and even Rafael Montero are off the table, but can the Mets tempt the Mariners with a pair of lesser pitching prospects like a Jacob deGrom and Michael Fulmer?

The Mets have no shortage of young arms with high upside, but are they ready to move one or two of them to get the upgrade they need at short?

Sandy Alderson continues to say that he’s quite happy with Ruben Tejada at short and that we shouldn’t expect any changes to the roster between now and Opening Day. However, I’m praying that it’s just a bluff, and we do know that he has acknowledged interest in Franklin as recently as last month.

The 22-year old Franklin batted .225/.303/.382 with 12 home runs, 20 doubles, 42 walks, 45 RBI and a 2.3 WAR in 412 plate appearances last season. Obviously that’s quite an offensive upgrade over anything that Tejada can produce.

The experts say that Franklin won’t stick at shortstop and that his fringe to average arm and range make him better suited for second base. But can he be any worse than Tejada who is also a second baseman albeit masquerading as a shortstop for the Mets the last three seasons?

For what it’s worth, Franklin is having a great Spring for the M’s batting .333/.368/.667 with three doubles, one home run, four RBIs and a 1.035 OPS in 18 at-bats.

7 thoughts on “Mariners Still Looking To Move Franklin, Scouting The Mets

  1. I can’t imagine that righthander Rafael Montero would be enough to land infielder Nick Franklin unless Seattle plans to flip Montero in a trade to fill the Mariners’ need for a young righthand-hitting defensively adept outfielder. Seattle has organizational depth at starting pitching despite the short-term injuries to Hisashi Iwakuma and Taijuan Walker (and Danny Hultzen’s season lost to injury).

    Oliver projects a five-year WAR of 17.5 for Franklin and 9.6 for Montero (who is older than Franklin).

  2. How about both? Sign Drew for short and trade for Franklin for second. Move Murphy to first. Not a bad infield.

  3. I don’t know what they want for Franklin. His avg last year is poor although he has some pop. As listed here some suspect his ability to play ss.

    I think Ruben can be a good ss. He was when Jose left. Something happened where he can no longer make the routine play and he can no longer hit