Alderson: Will He Act Like 90 Wins Are Possible?

We shall see if the New York Mets are capable of winning the 90 games general manager Sandy Alderson believes.

I like manager Terry Collins’ response to his players they should take it as a compliment. That’s one way to look at things. Another is if 90 is possible, are then the expectations that of a 90-win team?

ALDERSON: Dances the dance.

ALDERSON: Dances the dance.

While Alderson expects his players to play like 90-win players, and Collins to manage like a 90-win manager, I wonder if that extends to him and Fred Wilpon.

Reportedly, Wilpon said “they’d better in 90 games.’’ If so, will Wilpon he give Alderson the go-ahead to get what is needed at the trade deadline? Just wondering.

For his part, how can Alderson believe 90 wins are possible when he has issues at first base, shortstop, in the outfield and in the bullpen, not to mention an unproven catcher and without his best pitcher?

I also can’t help but wonder how long a leash Alderson will give Ike Davis and Ruben Tejada. In each of the past two seasons the Mets dragged their feet when Davis floundered early. Ninety-win teams don’t just carry struggling players at first base and shortstop, and when they have to make a move they do it, and fast.



3 thoughts on “Alderson: Will He Act Like 90 Wins Are Possible?

  1. These Mets are lost in space as usual. They traded Byrd and replaced him with Granderson who had a very bad year in 2013. Then they bring the great Chris Young whose last good year was in 2011 to be a starter in front of possibly promising CF Lagares.

    So figure that if Granderson is your RF and Lagares your CF, that still leaves questions at LF, 1B, SS, BP, rotation and bench.

    So what exactly is the improvements that makes them think they are a 90 wins team?
    Colon, Granderson, Chris Young. Maybe its me but I don’t see it.
    Had the Mets signed Beltran, Peralta, Byrd and either Colon or Kazmir, then you’re talking about a much improved team.

    Then to top it off, Sandy the Joker, signs Lannan, Dice K, Valverde, Farmsworth so that they can possibly block Mejia, deGrom and Familia. Never mind that 4 players would have to be exposed in order to put these old players on the 40 man roster.

    How does a player that is going to be here only a year worth releasing players from the 40 man roster and also blocking the progression of a promising pitcher like Mejia, Familia, deGrom and maybe Walther or Leathersich?

    • Actually I think the Byrd trade was a good one. I just wish they had faith in him to sign him again.

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