Syndergaard Stars In Intrasquad Game; Mets Shouldn’t Get Carried Away

The cheers were great, the performance was scintillating, but the New York Mets – and their often-frustrated fan base – shouldn’t get carried away and read too much into Noah Syndergaard’s performance in Thursday’s intrasquad game.

SYNDERGAARD: Big showing. (

SYNDERGAARD: Big showing. (

In Syndergaard’s first performance in the Mets’ camp, Syndergaard, throwing what manager Terry Collins calls “the hook from hell,’’ struck out five in two innings. He also gave up a run on four hits, but with no walks.

Not only was Syndergaard’s curveball working in fall-off-the-table fashion, but his 97 mph., fastball was sizzling.

“I felt pretty good out there. I kind of shocked myself a little bit,’’ Syndergaard told reporters Thursday in Port St. Lucie. “I wasn’t expecting that my first time out there.’’

Nor should the Mets expect that from him in Monday’s start against Atlanta; every time out at Triple-A Las Vegas; or when he finally is brought up in June. He’ll need time to develop into all what is expected of him.

“I didn’t think I was going to get the start, first of all,” Syndergaard said of Monday. “I’m excited, a little nervous at the same time. It’s the first time facing a real big-league lineup. I’m going to go out there and do what I can. It’s still a game. They’re still playing baseball out there.’’

Which is true, but baseball is also a game of emotions. Matt Harvey and Zack Wheeler, despite their youth, have been able to keep their emotions in check. The Mets would like to see the same from Syndergaard.

That will be easier, of course, if he’s throwing that fastball in the upper 90s.

“How can you not like what you saw?’’ Collins said. “For heaven’s sake, I don’t know how hard he threw, but it was firm. Even in a game like this, you better get to the heater, because you don’t want to try to hit that curveball.

“Certainly everything you heard, you saw. You heard, ‘What a great arm.’ You got it. You heard, ‘He’s got a great presence,’ that he pounds the strike zone. He did that.’’

Of course, should Syndergaard cut down the Braves as he did his minor league teammates, there will be rumblings about cracking the rotation.

However, Collins and general manager Sandy Alderson should a turn a deaf ear and continue with the same plan they had last season for Wheeler.

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13 thoughts on “Syndergaard Stars In Intrasquad Game; Mets Shouldn’t Get Carried Away

  1. Yes. He should spend some time in AAA. Away from the lights and pressure of Queens. Away from the calls of savior for a sorry team. He will be up this year and when he does will take his lumps.

    His time will come.

    • Devils advocate. Sandy says 90W is possible while Vegas is saying 74 is likely. Terry says Thor has the hook from hell, and John describes it in “fall-off-the-table fashion” Noah’s fastball’s being described as “scintillating”, “sizzling” etc. Sandy said they could win 90, and Fred said “they better win 90” . Fred’s came off as a joke, but Sandy’s gave his glass half(96.5%) full number, but if the idea is to win 85-90 games and make a playoff push, you’re going to send “scintillating” to Vegas? Remember, the cities sportsbooks have NYM pegged at 73-74W. As a fan I want “scintillating” at Citi, if Vegas has us pegged at 74 or 90 wins. I know all about super 2 stuff, but I effin hate the cheapskate clock!

      I respect your opinion Dave and understand it’s shared by many. Also, I’ll concede that my comment may be more hype than anything else!

      • I butchered that comment pretty good, but Gary just pretty much summed up my thoughts in a nutshell, regarding the above comment.

      • MetsFan2014: If Alderson really does believe 90 wins is possible, then he should go for it. I believe he thinks that with Syndergaard in the minors until at least June.-JD

      • I don’t think Thor hit AAA yet. It is better for him to see that level. The team saves money by not bringing him up. As I said everything has to break right. Let hi stay in the minors for a while

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  3. I disagree. Much like the babying of nearly all the pitchers of today, the rule now is to coddle them lest they be injured or demoralized which means . Many of the best pitchers have spent two seasons or less in the minors. Syndergaard has been in the minors for parts of 4 seasons. If he earns a spot in the rotation, I think he should be given the chance.

  4. For the mets to get close to 90 wins they will need “GOD” watching over them for sure. I hope Sandy is right in his predictions, I just do not see the Mets improving to go 90 and 73 that’s high expectations for a team that really has no big bangers and the only place where they seem to be solid is in there starting pitching everywhere else there an average middle of the road team and that’s giving them maybe more then what they are capable of achieving. I was hoping for a 500 team at best, lets see a after 50 games what there record is that will surely tell us what kind of season we all can expect.

  5. Look after the last few years I would do back flips if they win 85-88 game. They are in a tough spot with Syndergaard. We all want to see him up but a few months in AAA won’t be the worst thing. I would not mind seeing Montero break camp as the number 5.