Jon Niese MRI Is Clean; Incident A Reminder Of Pitching Fragility

The New York Mets received good news Thursday when the MRI on Jon Niese’s pitching shoulder came back clean. Most times when a pitcher complains of a dead arm as Niese did, the issue is more weakness than injury, which is the diagnosis here.

This was the best possible news for the Mets, who have plenty of issues already without having to worry about losing their No. 1 starter.

This was a scare to be sure, but what it also serves as is a reminder starting pitching is scarce, meaning they better be careful if they are considering dealing a starter, even on the minor level, for shortstop Nick Franklin.

Reportedly, Seattle is asking for starting pitching for Franklin, an infielder who became expendable with the Mariners’ signing of Robinson Cano. The Mets turned down trade overtures for Niese in the past, but this time he wasn’t on the Mariners’ wish list.

Niese was examined Wednesday at the Hospital for Special Surgery in Manhattan after complaining of shoulder soreness the day after throwing batting practice. He wanted the exam for his peace of mind because he missed two months last season with a partially torn rotator cuff.

Niese will miss his first exhibition start, Tuesday against Houston, but could resume throwing this weekend.

Manager Terry Collins said Niese will be the Mets’ Opening Day starter, and didn’t back off that Wednesday.

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3 thoughts on “Jon Niese MRI Is Clean; Incident A Reminder Of Pitching Fragility

  1. I would be reluctant to give up one of our stud young pitchers for Franklin.

    I looked him up and he is intriguing, but they want a starter for him? Really? Is he that good when he disappeared for a month or two last year?

  2. This “reminder of pitching fragility” reminds me of others who have had “dead arms” then sent back out to the hill in a few days b/c the MRI said it was a go. Considering Niese’s portfolio is diversified with a plethora of hiccups, I’d much prefer them baby him and target a date like game 10 for him to make his first start, then to sprint him back out there. However, if his arm was/is about to go, it may not make that much of a difference, but I would still air on the side of caution.

    “I think” Santana’s another thats had dead arm in ST, followed by a good MRI then resumed throwing only to be shelved a few days later, and for a full year.