Wrapping The Day: Ike Davis’ Motivation; Tejada Not Answer

Some people don’t get. It was reported by one Internet writer he was happy with the verbal sparring by Ike Davis with a reporter, saying it might “fire up,’’ the non-slugging first baseman.

The point is as a professional athlete Davis needs more than an argument with a writer for motivation. If Davis needs it and must use an external force for inspiration he’s in the wrong profession and the Mets have more trouble than they think.

Reportedly, the Pirates are monitoring the Mets’ camp about Davis, but are also looking at other possibilities.

In addition:

* The Mets haven’t closed the door on signing free-agent shortstop Stephen Drew or trading for Seattle’s Nick Franklin.

* Rafael Montero, Friday’s starter in the exhibition opener against Washington, threw live batting practice.

* Reserve catcher Anthony Recker told ESPN he’s in favor of the rules prohibiting catchers from blocking the plate.

* It is expected Josh Satin will play against left-handers regardless of whether Davis or Lucas Duda play first. Of course, Satin needs his at-bats, but if there’s a strict platoon at first base neither Davis nor Duda will develop into a real hitter.


6 thoughts on “Wrapping The Day: Ike Davis’ Motivation; Tejada Not Answer

  1. LOL If either Davis or Duda was projected to be a ML hitter things would be much different.

      • Dave: I really don’t know. It’s one thing to spend a lot of time which Davis does, but lacks plate discipline and the ability to use the whole field. I don’t believe he applies himself in the fundamental phase. He needs to change his approach. If he does that shows something. If he doesn’t, that shows something, too.-JD

  2. But, but, but, we were told Tejada could replace Reyes, so there was no issue with Jose leaving. The media were falling all over themselves, as were members of the organization.
    That being said, paying Drew the $ he is looking for for multiple years is not smart. I’d rather they use the money on someone who can significantly improve the team. Drew is not going to do that. He had a nice year last year, but he was injury prone the years before. Not worth the risk at that money.

    • Ed: Hi Ed, nice to see you again. We’ve been told a lot of things. I agree with you on Drew: He’s too expensive for being short-term solution.-JD

  3. Ike needs to go back and watch videos of himself hitting his first two seasons OR he needs to pay Keith Hernandez for hitting lessons. Motivation to get his mind right is a good thing because the funk he has been these last two years have taken its toll, and we all know that playing in NY is extra hard because the media is all over a player.

    Let’s give Ike a fair shot to get straightened out before we ship him to Pittsburgh and wind up with The Tree at 1B.