Mets’ Ike Davis Doesn’t Like Story; Did Not Refute Accuracy

New York Mets first baseman Ike Davis isn’t happy with a recent story that concealed an oblique injury last season.

DAVIS:  Unhappy with story. (AP)

DAVIS: Unhappy with story. (AP)

Davis said he didn’t report the injury because he was about to be optioned to Triple-A Las Vegas and didn’t want it to sound like an excuse.

On Monday, Davis did not refute the Post’s Mike Puma’s accuracy, but instead took him to task for writing it in the first place.

“You made it look like, you know, it’s an excuse,’’ Davis said. “That’s not what the story — it shouldn’t have been a story anyway. Because that’s what we talked about before you wrote it, was we shouldn’t write this, because that doesn’t matter. But that was nowhere in the article.’’

There are two things to note: 1) if Davis didn’t think it was a story, he shouldn’t have answered the questions, and 2) he should have been more forthcoming about the injury.

When he saw Puma writing in his notebook, he had to know there would be a story.

Even manager Terry Collins said had he known of the injury the team might have handled things differently.

To his credit, Davis didn’t deny the quotes, and in his strongest comment as a Met, said: “I sucked last year because I sucked. It’s not because I had an injury.’’

I’m glad Davis didn’t hide under the “I was misquoted’’ umbrella, and here’s hoping he learned something.

We admire athletes who play with pain, but sometimes playing with an injury could come back to haunt them. I have been critical of Matt Harvey and David Wright playing injured, if for no other reason they risked further injury and might have jeopardized their team’s chances of winning.

With Harvey, doing so might have caused his elbow injury and subsequent surgery. With Davis, it might have lead to a dreadful season and the Mets’ desire to trade him.

When you’re a gamer like Wright, like Harvey and like Davis, nobody will question when you call in sick one day.

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9 thoughts on “Mets’ Ike Davis Doesn’t Like Story; Did Not Refute Accuracy

  1. Not sure why he would not say, yes I had an injury but I didn’t tell the team because you have to play through minor problems. I sucked anyway so that was not an excuse. Not sure what covering up something from last year accomplishes.

  2. If you recall the infamous John Rocker interview, it seems like the writers like to get players talking “off the record” (though not formally) and then take their quotes either out of context (Rocker) or make a bigger thing of it than it needs to be (Ike). I read that original Rocker interview and my take was that they were dodging through traffic on the way to Shea because Rocker hated taking the subway. Anyone who ever drove in NYC across town to Queens knows this is not a pleasant drive in the country, and if you are already a bit of a hothead, it could result in a certain amount of rage. So when the hack from SI started prodding Rocker for chatter that could be made into a story, Rocker spilled, so we get the famous quotes about girls with green hair and five kids and whatnot, leading to “Rocker, who made derogatory comments about women”, etc. Heck, after Colin Ferguson, who in their right mind would willingly get on a NY train unless you had no other alternative.

    • I drive across Queens or the city. I can see how it is frustrating but it really is not too bad. My uncle got the hang of it in 1/2 hr

  3. Ooops! Checking my facts, I see that Rocker was not driving in NY, but in Atlanta, during the infamous SI interview.

  4. It seems to me Davis has every right to be angry with Puma if you READ what Davis said. The sportswriter also has responsibility to the player, as well as the fans. Puma’s interest appears to be in writing the story rather than telling the truth. It’s important to have the players confidence in reporting as well as the fans.

    • jmhammer: Heard Davis’ quotes. Let me fill you in on something: Davis doesn’t dictate what a story is and what isn’t. The press isn’t there to pump up Davis, but to report what is going on.-JD

  5. Hey John, No ones pumping up the ballplayer here. READ what Davis said.

    “Because that’s what we talked about before you wrote it, was we shouldn’t write this, because that doesn’t matter. But that was nowhere in the article.’’ That’s why he’s mad.

    How bout you write about the nowhere in the article, or did Puma conveniently leave that out.

    • jmhammer: Thanks for your reply. I know what he said. However, it’s one thing for Davis to say that and it is another for the writer to agree. Unless Puma specifically told Davis he wouldn’t write it, then it is fair game. It is also fair game if Davis did not say “this is off the record.” Had he done so, and Puma still wrote the story then you would be correct. What I should have said, but didn’t, is that more than most players Davis should have an idea about dealing with the press because his father pitched for the Yankees. Hey jmhammer, thanks for your comments. Although you and I don’t agree on this, I value your opinion and hope you’ll post here often. Thank you. Best.-JD

      • Yes there is that. Ike has been in NYfor some time. And his dad was here and he hung around so he should know the drill.