Looking At Mets’ Leadoff Situation

The primary objective for the New York Mets in their quest for a leadoff hitter is the combination of speed, base-running ability and on-base percentage.

Eric Young has the first two, but manager Terry Collins wants him to improve his on-base percentage. Young’s career on-base percentage is .325, and Collins is thinking of at least 25 more points.

YOUNG: Should bunt more.

YOUNG: Should bunt more.

“Ideally, you’d wish he’d have a .350 on-base,’’ Collins said earlier this week. “I don’t know if he’s going to, but you hope he does.

“All I know is what an impact this guy made on our team when we got him. He got some big hits, made some great plays defensively in the outfield. And when he got on, exciting things happened and we scored runs.

“So we’re certainly going to focus a lot on trying to get Eric to bunt a little bit more, maybe be a little more selective at the plate.’’

Even at .350, that pales compared to Rickey Henderson (.401) and Pete Rose (.375), two of the greatest leadoff hitters in history.

The Mets want Young to improve his walks-to-strikeouts ratio, which was a poor 35-67 last season in only 418 plate appearances and to bunt more.

With his speed, if Young averaged one bunt hit a week, that would be 26 additional for the season. Give Young 26 more hits over the same number of at-bats last year and his average would have been .320.

Collins prefers Young in the leadoff role over Daniel Murphy (lacks speed), Chris Young or Juan Lagares (low on-base percentage and too many strikeouts), or Ruben Tejada (low on-base percentage).


5 thoughts on “Looking At Mets’ Leadoff Situation

  1. Eric Young..good 4th outfielder..this leadoff talk makes no sense to me..with Grandy, Lagaras and Chris Young on the roster.

  2. When he got on..

    What a big disclaimer.

    He is a career 250 hitter. He is an excellent defender, has speed and is aggressive on the bases. He has problems hitting.

    Why is Terry so fixated on him?
    Our whole lineup can’t hit. We have 2 hitters. If EY starts and gets on then David and Dan need to get him over else it will be a long 3 innings.

    • Again the Mets will be playing Spring Training All year. Put Flores in the lead off spot and get him ready for next year…
      The Manager Needs an every day Players to play as a UNIT…Eat Shit And sleep together… TOO MANY DIFFRENT PLYERS every day of the week is like having to many people in the Kitchen and the food will be NO good to eat…..Collins you need to set an every day line Starting the first day of SPRING,.If you don’t now how to play CHECKERS Don’t PLAY.

      • Bernie: I agree with a lot that you’ve said. That’s one of the reasons I didn’t like the Chris Young signing. It does nothing for the future.-JD

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