Mets Brass Mum; Fred Wilpon And Sandy Alderson Offer Nothing

New York Mets owner Fred Wilpon declined talking to the New York media today, saying “I’m on vacation.’’

Wilpon traditionally offers a “State of the Mets Address,’’ each spring and still might, but offered nothing on his calendar.

“Wanting to play meaningful games in September,’’ is one of Wilpon’s Greatest Spring Training Hits.

Wilpon was asked specifically about a New York Post report saying general manager Sandy Alderson wants to stay another two or three years.

Alderson, as is the case when he wants to dodge an issue, said: “That was a guess on the part of the writer and the source. I haven’t talked to anybody about that.’’

So, when directly asked about his future, Alderson said: “Well, I have a contract that expires at the end of this year. My intentions might be irrelevant.’’

However, chief operating officer Jeff Wilpon has been open in his support for Alderson, so it probably can be concluded if he wants to stay he will.



2 thoughts on “Mets Brass Mum; Fred Wilpon And Sandy Alderson Offer Nothing

  1. It is best Freddy keeps his mouth shut. From talking about being competitive – not being mathematically eliminated by September, to calling out his team by saying they suck, to lying about being broke, he is better off just standing by the wall and shutting up.

    • What a happy, uplifting note for the first week of Spring Training. Sheesh. I know the weather has been rough, but do you really have rush into “crank mode” so soon?