Chris Young Already Having An Influence On Mets – But Is It Good?

The New York Mets haven’t even seen a pitch this spring, but it’s not too early to notice how outfielder Chris Young has muddled things.

And, it goes beyond the $7.25 million they’ll pay this year for the player who hit .200 last season with 12 homers and 93 strikeouts. Young’s 162-game averages are .235 with 24 homers and 148 strikeouts, so the Mets aren’t exactly renting a light’s out slugger.

YOUNG: What kind of Impact?

YOUNG: What kind of Impact?

The Mets must play Young because of his contract, but doing so creates several obstacles and dilemmas for manager Terry Collins.

With Young and Curtis Granderson taking up two-thirds of the outfield, that leaves a decision between Eric Young and Juan Lagares for the remaining spot.

If Collins chooses Lagares to play center, it leaves him without a viable leadoff hitter. Lagares has the speed, but strikes out too much to be a top-of-the-order hitter.

Daniel Murphy and Ruben Tejada have been mentioned, but neither is a great choice. Murphy should hit lower in the order because he’s a gap hitter able to drive in runs. Tejada is coming off a bad year and doesn’t have a good on-base percentage.

Chris Young can’t lead off because he strikes out too much. Granderson can’t do it either because he also strikes out and must hit fourth to protect David Wright.

But, if Collins chooses Eric Young to hit leadoff and presumably play center, it regulates Lagares to the bench. Lagares is their best outfield prospect, but it would be better to send him to the minor leagues to get at-bats rather than have him sit on the bench.

So, in essence the Mets are paying $7.25 million for a player that would likely delay the development of Lagares for a season.

The Mets are also contemplating keeping both Ike Davis and Lucas Duda on the Opening Day roster, with the intent of giving the latter time in left field. But, how often will he play if Chris Young is here?

The Mets say they are building for the future, but Chris Young doesn’t contribute to that aim because he’s gone after this season. Either he doesn’t produce and they won’t bring him back, or he’ll hit and go elsewhere because the Mets won’t want to pay what he’s asking.

So, if the Mets’ timetable isn’t to win this year, why pay all that money for a rental?

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20 thoughts on “Chris Young Already Having An Influence On Mets – But Is It Good?

  1. I think we already got your point over several postings – you think the Chris Young signing was a bad decision and a waste of money. There is such a thing as beating a dead horse.

  2. we have no idea if he will hit or strike out to much. the Mets need power guys,.we don’t know anything until the end of spring training. what if he gets has power back, and cuts. down on strikeouts. He has a one year contract and will be playing for his next contract, so he will have reason to be effective and correct those problems. If he is a dud then he’s gone. You can be damn skippy that he will use this opportunity to show what he can do. He could be like Marlon Byrd.

  3. Eric Young doesn’t have a good OBP either. He’s more considered the leadoff guy by default not bc he is anything special in that role. If Lagares does not start it will likely be Chris Young, not Eric who plays CF. Granderson has an outside shot. Chris Young has played solid D in the past and is an experienced CF. EYJ isn’t. And while I don’t love the Murph, Tejada, C Young leadoff options, if the Mets do want to start Lagares they can make it work. They could platoon the leadoff role. Hit murph there against RHP and either CY or Tejada against LHP. That would net better OBP out of the leadoff spot than just starting EYJ

  4. Both Youngs do nothing for the Mets. Can’t lead off, strike out way too much, Redundant positions. Our defense should be ok in the outfield but 7.25 mil for a 200 hitter? Really looking for lightning in a bottle. Lagares is great d but can’t hit either. This year is big for him with the bat.

    Not a good mix of players. 75 win team unless Davis and d’Arnaud hit. If they flail around like last season it’s going to get boring early.

  5. Wow where do I start? Signing Chris Young was really dumb! He was coming off a bad
    year and Sandy saw a chance to get a cheap option for the outfield while not thinking
    about how it would effect the situation! Lagares is our future not Chris Young or EY!

  6. Chris Young signing makes no sense at all. The Mets would have been better off bringing Marlon Byrd to play RF since he had better overall numbers and the Mets knew what they were getting. But why would the 3 Stooges do anything that makes sense? they only seem to sign either players they had when they were with the A’s or Padres.

    In other news, they also signed both Dice K and Lannan and its almost certain that one of them will take over the 5th slot at the expense of Mejia. Then by not solving the 1B situation, it probably means that Flores will end up in Vegas where he has nothing left to prove. So what happens if say Dice K wins the 5th slot in the rotation? who gets waived?

  7. Joe you made a good point, MB signed for 8 million a year for two years not much more
    than they paid for Chris Young and like you said they would have known what they were getting except the mets didn’t want to give him two years at 37 years old but
    they gave two years for more money to Colon whose 41 years old? Makes no
    sense to me!!

  8. Why are we so focused on the Ks. A K is the same as a soft groundout to first, as same as a infield fly etc. Leadoff needs to do two things work the count, and get on base. Last year the Mets Leadoff batter had an OBP of .293. If the free swinging Young can right the ship and produce closer to his career .315 we have to take it as it is much better clip than the sub .300 from last year.
    As far as pitch count C Young would have only been behind Duda in pitches per PA when matched up against las year’s team. Duda had a high OBP but also had over 100 Ks in less than 400PA. When working the count, one will have a higher strike out tendency . Look at C Young’s splits for batting first, he had an .874 OBPS and a .310 OBP.
    CYoung’s presence should push Legares to develop patience, bunt more, take a walk or lean into a pitch then the 7 mil is worth it, and EY and anyone else who wants to play outfield.
    I am not a big CYoung fan but at the prices the market was dictating he was a necessary cost. To think Marlon Byrd was going to add to his career year was hopeful wishing at its best. Granderson will more than match Byrds career year and CYoung if given 400 PA will have at least 20 HR. Whether Legares steps up, Eyoung gets it going, or Cyoung returns to form the team will be putting up a better leadoff hitter than last year.

    • Steel: You couldn’t be more wrong if you tried. A grounder to first has the potential to be a productive out and drive in a run. A strikeout is an empty out. … Regarding Chris Young. Are you serious? A .310 OBP as a leadoff hitter is awful. … Sorry, as of now, there’s nothing positive about the Chris Young signing. Nothing.-JD

  9. I agree entirely with the writer. I have no idea why they signed him. The only thing that makes sense, if anything does, is let him play, and if he does well, trade him at the deadline. But as mentioned, this will keep either E Young or Lagares on the bench. I really want to see Lagares play, and if he plays well, can they really sit him? SA said he’s looking for a breakout year from Lagares. Signing E Young made no sense.

  10. Ok. So we have all these guys.

    The best choice is to play the best player. It is not as if we owe any Young anything.

    Play the best players that make us win.

    TC needs to get off this EY thing.he is a terrible hitter. Is that who we want at the top of the order? Someone who barely hits 250 and doesn’t walk? Really?

    Lagares is young and he hit 350 in the offseason. That is 100 points better than EY. Think about that 100 pts.

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  12. This met team is a train wreck we have at least 6 players with the Mets outfield who are all defense and can’t hit. What about Matt Den Dekker or Kirk N. I seem to remember that they were our future, one of the problems with the Met mgt is they move guys around like there in a chess game and in the end we always get check mated and this nonsense of Duda in the outfield is crazy either he plays 1st base or get him out of here. There are only two positives in this hole Met team that’s David Wright and there pitching staff and if this Met team is ever going to get better they will most likely have to package some arms in a trade because they sign guys who are at the back end of there career and hope and pray they catch lighten a bottle. The Mets have to put a better product on the field if they want there attendance to improve as of right now it’s not working they have the fan base just give us something to sink our teeth into we need a few more Harvey’s on this team.

    • Ronbo: If the Mets’ future is their pitching staff, then packaging pitching to make a trade is a serious dilemma. I wouldn’t say they are a train wreck, but they do have issues. More than a few.-JD