Good Sign; Ruben Tejada Reports Early

One of the New York Mets on the hot seat is shortstop Ruben Tejada, who got into manager Terry Collins’ doghouse for not reporting early two years ago, his first replacing Jose Reyes.

He appears to have gotten the message, with proof being showing up to spring training Sunday, almost a week ahead of schedule.

TEJADA: In camp early.

TEJADA: In camp early.

Technically, he reported on time two years ago, but Collins’ way of thinking was in Tejada’s first year as starter he should have shown initiative and reported early.

Tejada redeemed himself by hitting .289 in 2012, but didn’t report in peak shape last spring and his work ethic was brought into question. Tejada got off to a miserable start both at the plate and in the field, was injured and optioned.

He struggled when he returned and ended the season with a fractured leg and seemingly out of the Mets’ plans.

However, when the shortstop market – Jhonny Peralta and Stephen Drew – became too pricey, the Mets thought they’d give Tejada another chance.

Other than the market, what moved the Mets toward a Tejada encore was his commitment in an off-season fitness camp in Michigan.

Tejada’s presence in Ann Arbor, and reporting early is a good sign.

8 thoughts on “Good Sign; Ruben Tejada Reports Early

  1. Just one question why are going into the season with just one shortstop? and just as important why is that shortstop Tejada?

  2. I hope this fitness program ( costs shared with the players ) will put Ruben back to his good hitting , slick fielding ways.

  3. Punt! How can the Mets go into the season with Tejada at short? Terrible move. Even when he hit 280 it was a weak 280 with no power and no speed. At best he is just average with the glove. He’s a 240 hitter or less and it’s a joke that he is the shortstop by default with no one even to compete with him. s