Five Mets On The Hot Seat

We’re still a long way from Jonathon Niese’s first pitch of the 2014 season against Washington, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t already some New York Mets on the hot seat, broiling under the glare of expectations.

Every spring in every camp there are several players on a short-patience rope and the Mets are no exception. In my mind, there are five facing a make-or-break season, beginning with Niese:

GRANDERSON: Has pressure.

GRANDERSON: Has pressure.

Jonathon Niese: Will it ever happen for him? He was signed to a multi-year extension because he was young, left-handed and could throw hard. However, he’s never won more than 13 games in a season and has sustained a myriad of injuries, including shoulder problems last season. At 29, there’s still time, but could one of the young prospects prompt the Mets to shop him?

Ike Davis: No Mets “question list,’’ doesn’t have his name. It is last-chance time for the former hot prospect. After 32 homers in 2012, that’s the plateau the club is seeking. The Mets would take less, say 25, if his RBI production and on-base percentage were high and his strikeouts substantially cut. He either hits this year or he’s gone.

Ruben Tejada: The Mets toyed with signing Stephen Drew, but were sold on the potential of the younger and cheaper Tejada after his commitment at a Michigan fitness camp. The Mets are pointing to 2015 and Matt Harvey’s return to when they can realistically contend, and they won’t be able to do that with a hole at shortstop.

Curtis Granderson: Signed a four-year deal for big money in the hope of providing power in the outfield. I have two words: Jason Bay. Fans are smart enough to realize he won’t hit for the power he did at Yankee Stadium, but they won’t accept Bay-like numbers. Granderson represents the Mets’ promise  to improve and needs to live up to those expectations.

Chris Young: He’s probably gone after this season, but he’ll start the year with a bulls-eye on his back. With his recent numbers it is incomprehensible for him to get a $7.25 million contract. He must produce for his own peace of mind in shutting up the boos.

4 thoughts on “Five Mets On The Hot Seat

  1. You make a good point about Niese. I wasn’t thinking that way because he is a solid lefty. But I can see them trading him to get a bat.

    I still think they should get Drew @ one year. We have too weak a team to base the whole season on hope. Then again we are so bad Drew won’t make a difference.

    I don’t know if Grandy will be Bay. Bay came in with a good avg and power and did neither.

    My concern with Grandy is he is just not that good a hitter and his power was in a closet
    He is older and he got paid well. At some point the fans will turn on him and Yoing because they were offered up by the team as answers for the OF and I just do. OT share the optimism. Are they better than what we have? Yes. But we barely have a AAA outfield. The bar is very low

    For the sake of the team I hope they produce, but a 250 avg just doesn’t cut it and I fear the whole OF will hit less than that.

    • Why is there such a fixation on hr?

      Our lineup can’t hit. With or without these guys. A couple of more hr with bases empty will not win games. If the hit 250! Or less who cares if they hit 20 hr? The still can’t hit, won’t get on base and will kill rallies. This is why we need good avg guys who hit doubles. Much more productive for the team than higher hr guys who can’t hit

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