Bartolo Colon Arrives In Camp

Bartolo Colon signed with the New York Mets for the same reason most free agents go to a new team – they offered the most. At 40, Colon didn’t have many teams banging on his door. Nobody was offering $20 million over two years like the Mets.

COLON: Hired gun.

COLON: Hired gun.

“Other teams had one-year offers,’’ Colon told reporters Saturday in Port St. Lucie. “The second year really sealed the deal for me with the Mets.’’

Colon said he left it to his agent to find him a team that would be the best fit, but the fit was in the number of years and dollar amount. Yes, Colon is a mercenary, but that’s the nature of the sport.

The Mets could have had younger, more durable and potentially more productive pitchers, but they didn’t want to spend the money. This was the ultimate business relationship.

Colon, once nabbed for PED use, was 18-6 with a 2.65 ERA last year over 30 starts with Oakland, numbers he said even surprised himself. The Mets are gambling Colon has at least one more year in him to fill the void left by Matt Harvey’s injury.

The Mets don’t expect Colon to lose it overnight. As far as the second year, that’s for insurance for 2015 if the Mets’ young pitching is slow in developing.

The 265-pound Colon said he’s always pitched heavy and plans to pitch, “until my body can’t take it any more.’’

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6 thoughts on “Bartolo Colon Arrives In Camp

  1. I expect Colon to have a good year for us. He is 40 years old sipping those special cocktails that ponce de Leon was chasing centuries ago.

    Just like those guys McGuire, Sosa, Bonds and yeah A Rodriguez it helped them do the inhuman. That other all star Clemens too. And Petite our Jon Niese.

    I agree this is a marriage of convenience. He is here till the young guys come in and take the ball for the next 10 years.

  2. 20 mil over 2 years, not 40…

    This is a good fit, if only because the Mets need an innings eater and if Colon can give 180 innings and keep us in games, he won’t hurt. His veteran presence will probably help Niese and Gee reach the next level and help Syndergaard, Wheeler and Harvey transition to full seasons over the next two years…(Harvey still hasn’t pitched a full MLB season, remember.) He’ll be, at worst, a spot starter and at best a solid middle of the rotation guy.

    • Mebevinny: Thank you. I made the correction on the salary. Agreed in that his presence could benefit others. Thanks for your comment and I hope you’ll be back.-JD