We May Have Seen The Last Of Alex Rodriguez

With Alex Rodriguez’s decision to drop his Triple Play lawsuits against Major League Baseball, Commissioner Bud Selig and the Players Association, it is extremely possible we have seen the last of the player who one time seemed destined to hold all the records.

In doing so, Rodriguez will accept the 162-game suspension that will cost him the 2014 season and $25 million.

RODRIGUEZ: Going, going gone.

RODRIGUEZ: Going, going gone.

While the reaction of Rodriguez’s decision has been positive, speculation is the suit was dropped because he was throwing good money after bad. He would stand to lose $10 million in legal fees.

While I have no doubt Rodriguez did something, nobody has said to what extent. I still call into question Major League Baseball’s tactics in the Biogenesis case, which could cost Rodriguez his career.

Rodriguez can return for 2015, and indicates he wants a post-playing career in baseball. Good luck with that … it definitely wouldn’t have happened had he followed through with the suit.

Rodriguez will be 40 in 2015, and after being away from the game for a year, one has to wonder how much he’ll lose. He could spend the time rehabbing and getting his surgically-repaired hips stronger.

Still, I don’t know if it will do any good for his career. The Yankees are obligated to pay him $62 million, but in what capacity?

Will they bring him back and deal with that distraction for two more years, or will they simply buy him out?

I’m betting the latter, thinking we’ll never see Rodriguez play another major league game again.


2 thoughts on “We May Have Seen The Last Of Alex Rodriguez

  1. Yes the tactics of mlb are terrible. But what choice did they have in order to get evidence? ARod himself paid to get rid of it. The league did not test in all those years and only recently started doing the pee test.

    A real test would be random blood tests. Over a long period of time. The early tests had them tell the players when they are getting tested. Time enough to cleanse your system do you get a nice clean result.

    So the commish did things that would not hold up in court to get evidence to put the hammer down.

    ARod lied. He got caught and then lied. He said he only did it that once and never since. So they got him again. Bud is one of the worst commissioners the game has had. He forces the sale of the dodgers but supports his friend who is insolvent.

    So the fans in Queens suffer for years watching a terrible team that is better suited in the international league.

    • Dave: I don’t know. However, what they did was sleazy. No question about it. There’s no way Manfred should be on the arbitration panel, yet testify against Rodriguez. Just wrong.-JD