How Mets Answered Off-Season Questions

The New York Mets faced a myriad of questions entering the off-season. Now, with spring training staring us in the face. let’s see how have they answered them.


With Matt Harvey lost for the season following Tommy John surgery, the Mets needed to add two starters because they had no assurances of help from their minor league system that includes Noah Syndergaard, Rafael Montero and Jacob deGrom.

Bartolo Colon was signed to a two-year contract, theoretically to fill the void this season and in 2015 if there was a problem in Harvey’s rehab.

Within the past two weeks they signed John Lannan and Daisuke Matsuzaka, which should give them the promise of at least five innings from the fifth starter.

Colon is an upgrade over Aaron Harang, and if Matsuzaka pitches as he did in his final three starts last season, he will keep things in order until the prospects arrive.

Conclusion: They are better now than after the season, but not good enough to make them better than a .500 team without some help.


With Bobby Parnell recovering from neck surgery, the Mets’ Plan B is to make Vic Black the closer.

The Mets will bring back most of their 2013 bullpen, but there won’t be enough arms in camp to create widespread competition.

Conclusion: Things would be better if the Mets could depend on Parnell’s status, but the bullpen heading into spring training is no better than last year’s.


Most Mets fans said the team should have done this last July and cut ties with Ike Davis. Unable to trade him – and initially showing signs of leaning toward Lucas Duda – it appears the Mets are back to square one by giving Davis another chance.

The Mets’ outward efforts to deal Davis only decreased his value. Duda doesn’t have much trade value, either. Neither does Wilmer Flores, who won’t be given a chance to compete for the first base job.

Conclusion: What was a season-long distraction lasted through the winter and will greet us in Port St. Lucie.


Acquiring a shortstop was a top priority during the winter, but the Mets were never in it for Jhonny Peralta and Stephen Drew is well out of their price range.

Prior to the Winter Meetings, GM Sandy Alderson suggested Ruben Tejada would get another chance. The Mets also brought back Omar Quintanilla as Tejada’s back-up.

Conclusion: Instead of upgrading, the Mets are reduced to hoping for Tejada to play better than he had ever been before.


Curtis Granderson was signed to a four-year contract and Chris Young was given a one-year deal. Granderson is coming off an injury prone, non-productive year.

Granderson is young enough to give the Mets hope he can bounce back, although nobody expects him to duplicate his Yankee Stadium numbers at Citi Field.

Conversely, Young is several years removed from his best seasons. The Mets are hoping for lightning in a bottle from him.

Conclusion: A productive Granderson will upgrade the offense, improve the outfield and protect David Wright in the batting order. No guarantees, however.

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12 thoughts on “How Mets Answered Off-Season Questions

  1. 25-27 home run ‘Cruz” is still out there?Put him in the line-up behind wright and Granderson,and you could carry Tejada at S/S

    • Rev. Al: You’re right, but what Cruz will they get? That’s a lot of coin if his numbers were the byproduct of chemistry. No way will the Mets bite on that.-JD

  2. The Mets are no better. All talk no REAL improvement. Lost Byrd got Granderson. Lost Harvey got Colon. Like you said Young is a long shot. Fix 1b, fix short stop…no, get a third power bat …no again. Vet arms for the pen… Not yet.

    A lot of hot air from Alderson and owners …you bet. Same old story.

    75 wins. Yawn.

    • the Mets made the biggest noise this offseason out of the whole division what’s important is they stay healthy and David wright get protection in Mets line up and they will go from 75 wins to 90 wins

  3. I am fine with the starting pitching. Even if it relies on a juicer. But pitching is not our problem.

    I am also fine with a bullpen not much better than last year. Last year our pen was pretty good. The problem was and always has been the starters. Starters who are called that but are really long relief in disguise.

    Ss. I would like them to get Drew. But it looks like that won’t happen. If Ruben can play like he did 2 years ago we won’t worry about ss.

    I hate what we did about the OF. To think that Grandy with his 200 avg will be protection for David is a bad joke.

    I did not want Ike back, but after seeing the wonderful outfield we acquired and the reasoning behind spending $22 large on them I am glad Ike is back. He can do whT they do at first base. Hit somewhere around 220 strike out 200 times a season, hit about 20 hr and generally kill any rallies

    Remember we had Luke in the 5 hole doing the same thing last year. So now we bring in new guys that can do the same thing and it is called an improvement.

    • Dave: I disagree with you on the starting pitching. All the starters have potential questions. Without pitching, and a spotty bullpen behind the rotation is could make for a long season. … As far as protecting Wright, Granderson is the best option, especially if he cuts down on his strikeouts. You’re right. Granderson producing is a big key.-JD

  4. Having watched all the trades and off season activity it seems some people have no confidence, To start with Colon will have another better than average year, I say 14 -16 game winner, Wheeler will get 13-14 Dice K lol will get the 5th spot and get 12 wins, Niese will get 14, Gee will add on 14. Lets not forget Granderson, he will vastly improve in Citi field, He will hit 25-30 with no problem, Wright will get better at bats with him there bringing his numbers back up, And I will bet my bottom dollar that if IKE makes it without being traded he will be the 1st baseman and will have a much better year so that next free agency he will get the respect. Duda couldn’t catch a cold, And he cost the Mets 15 games last year playing the outfield. So keep him for DH or late innings and Mets finish above 500 by 4-6 games

    • brian: If all those things happen with the rotation it will be a terrific season, but how often does everything fall into place? I can’t say Duda cost the Mets 15 games in the outfield. His inability to hit in the clutch was more costly. I don’t have any clue as what to expect from Davis.-JD

    • Brian

      Ur dreaming

      While it is possible the pitching will do as you say, we can’t hit so they won’t

      How is Grandy going to improve gritting when he came from a shoebox to here? Wright will walk a ton again cause they will not pitch to him. If Ike has a good season we should trade him. I have no faith in him where 2 years ago I thought he was great.

      Duda is not a mlb player. But neither are most of his teammates.