Lucas Duda Back In The Outfield Not A Good Idea

Most ideas born out of desperation don’t usually pan out, such as the New York Mets’ decision to play Lucas Duda in left field last season. The year before it was right field, which was a greater disaster.

Duda in the outfield this year makes even less sense, as general manager Sandy Alderson told ESPN was possible. Alderson said a decision would be made shortly prior to spring training on if Duda would play in the outfield, and how much time he would receive.

DUDA: Outfield not a good idea.

DUDA: Outfield not a good idea.

Sending Duda back to the outfield became a possibility with the Mets’ inability to trade Ike Davis, thereby creating the potential both could be on the Opening Day roster.

While not great, the Mets’ outfield without Duda is better than they had last year with Curtis Granderson, Chris Young, Eric Young and Juan Lagares.

Should Duda become the starting left fielder, Granderson would play right and Chris Young, because of his $7.25 million contract would play center.

That scenario would keep Eric Young’s speed on the bench and decrease Lagares’ playing time. Even should Duda come off the bench as a pinch-hitter, his presence limits their playing time and deprives the Mets of another roster spot.

So this leaves the Mets to choose between Duda’s powers potential, Eric Young’s speed and Lagares’ development.

What having Duda on the 25-man roster, and playing him in the outfield, does more than anything is call into question the sense of signing Chris Young as one less outfielder would make this more practical.

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30 thoughts on “Lucas Duda Back In The Outfield Not A Good Idea

  1. Actually, I think this statement about Lucas Duda’s role is more Sandy Alderson posturing in the hopes of flipping him for whatever he can get. Starting is not even in the cards unless he has a monster spring and Ike Davis hits like, well, Ike Davis of recent memory. If Davis performs equal to or better than Duda, then they probably don’t want a $1.5 million bench player keeping their $1.8 million bench player (Eric Young) company. Duda for some teams grade B Single A prospect would probably do it.

  2. Reese: Do you think Duda’s ability to play the outfield would increase his trade value? His salary is lower that Davis’ and I think that enhances his trade value. I agree they don’t want both Duda’s salary and E. Young’s on the bench. That’s why I’d rather have Eric Young start and Juan Lagares start.-JD

  3. Sometimes players need a little time. I think it’s a good idea to give Davis,Duda,and Tejada one more shot. What do they have to lose? It’s not like there’s a lot of talent they’re keeping on the bench. If they fall on their faces they can be demoted or dropped in June or July.

    • Amazin: According to many, the Mets aren’t going to be legitimate contenders this year. So, why not give them another shot? Especially since they don’t have anybody else to look at in the minor leagues.-JD

  4. Perhaps I missed it

    What is the value of putting a player who can’t hit and can’t play OF in the OF?

    Perhaps it is to prove that we can play 3 players who hit 220 and hit 20 hr’s a viable OF?

    I do not understand the value of trotting out players who can’t hit 250 but clim to hit 15 hr or more
    A strategy.

    Perhaps it is to prove we can field yet another team that has no clue on how to put a ball in play?

    You know like basic fundamental baseball

    There was a time where a player who could not hit 250 was cut not signed to $15m /yr

    There was a time when pitchers who can’t pitch 5 innings and have an era of 5 or more were cut.

    Perhaps I am delusional but I don’t think players like that are mlb players.

    I think players like that should play for the Long Island ducks

      • I don’t really care about stop gaps. That is what I think we bought for 22 large are. Even if the fans are right it does not improve the team. You have to come back in a year or two again for the same position. I would rather we spent the $$ on a player who can help us for 5 years. At least it is a building block which we don’t have

        This is why I think Drew would be good. He helps stabilize an important position. Perhaps Ruben gets it perhaps not, but we have nothing in the minors closer than 2 years away. That is Drew.

        We are further away if ever for the OF which is why it was important to get one player who can start for the next 5 years.

        Next year we will have to fill the same positions. So what did we do this year? Nothing.

        So yes I want to win and I look long term. What we did this year other than getting a juiced pitcher is nothing.

        If we did the right thing next year when everyone is older and Matt comes back we could make some noise and maybe the playoffs. Now that dream is gone.

        • Dave: They just didn’t want to spend for Drew. You might be right, they could have more holes to fill when Harvey comes back in 2015. But they are relying by that time their other young pitchers would have made it. … It’s uncertain how good they will be this year. There’s no telling what will happen in 2015. That’s too far away.-JD

  5. To be quite frank I think playing Lucas Duda anyplace would be a bad idea. Duda has no self confidence in his ability, which frankly is not much. He can’t hit in the clutch, he can’t play defense very well and he certainly is a complete waste in the outfield. He is never going to have a successful baseball career and for the life of me I can’t understand how a smart baseball man like Sandy Alderson can want a player on his team with so many negatives going for him. Is it all about his salary being less than Ike Davis? To sum it all up, can you picture any team going to the post season with Lucas Duda as their first baseman or outfielder? He is incomplete as a ballplayer and chokes up on big spots. Why don’t I just come out and say it … As a ballplayer he is a waste of human flesh!

    • Rob: You are correct. Duda has shown little confidence at the plate and even less ability in the outfield. I won’t say Duda will never be a good player because he has not been given a full shot. Give him a full year, then make a decision.-JD

      • John, I agree that there are times when ballplayers need more time to build their confidence and develop their natural ability, but can anyone honestly say that they believe Lucas Duda will develop into anything more than he’s already shown? There are times when you can tell if a player needs time to develop because of his natural ability and baseball savey, but can anyone honestly say they see any of these things inside Lucas Duda??? My God, last year for awhile the only rbi’s he had were just for his home runs. I personally was totally shocked when he got a winning hit off Mariano Rivera to win one of the Subway Series games. But that at best was a bloop over the second basemen’s head.he should have taken that as a confidence builder, but he went back to being the same crappy ballplayer he’s always been. Can he play first base? Sure he can, but honestly who can’t? Well, Mike Piazza just ruined that argument for me right there! I would love to see potential in Lucas, but all I see is a wasted spot on the 25 man roster. Sid Finch was more real than Lucas Duda!

  6. I saw a headline today where players wanted to throw arod out of the union

    It takes a lot for your peers to want to throw you out

    This is why Selig went after him. He stands alone.

    I don’t hear his team making a big stink out of not having him this year.

    Of course he can’t stand in the field anymore, can’t hit 280 can’t hit 40 hrs and no one likes him

    • Dave: He’ll be one of those guys who won’t be missed when he’s gone. After this year I can see the Yankees buying him out to avoid the distraction.-JD

  7. Lucas Duda is not a major league baseball player. No matter where you play him he will be a disaster. His defense in the outfield and first base will leave a lot to be desired. The Met’s bring up to many players unable to play major league defense at any position.

    • Bob: I don’t think it is fair to say he’s not a major league player. He’s never had a full year to prove himself. I to believe he’s not an outfielder. He’s had enough time to prove that. Ideally, he should be in the AL and be a designated hitter.-JD

  8. So one of our hot middle infielders Reese Havens retired

    And Tuefel thinks Ruben will be good

    If Tim can do for Ruben what he did for Dan, Ruben will be an all star

  9. SORRY But DUDA in the outfield is like Harvey behind the plate. It makes NO SENSE. Duda has already proven he COULDN’T CATCH A COLD in the outfield. Please watch last years games and how many ERRORS he made costing the Mets games, I counted 15. That would have put the Mets around .500 mark but instead. As far as his power goes, He would make a great Fan. And Im not talking about the spectator kind. All that air that comes from his swing from not hitting anything could cool down an entire Brooklyn neighborhood in the hot months, lol