Jenrry Mejia Reports To Camp

Jenrry Mejia, who represents one of the more important questions for the Mets entering spring training, reported to Port St. Lucie.

Mejia is recovering from surgery to remove a bone spur in his elbow and assuming he’s sound is expected to be the fifth starter entering the season.

Mejia was 1-2 with a 2.30 ERA in five starts, but with a 27-to-4 strikeouts to walks ratio. Control had normally been Mejia’s weakness, but those numbers indicated improvement to the degree where manager Terry Collins could have confidence in him.

Mejia, 24, will compete with Rafael Montero and Jacob deGrom. However, regardless of who wins the job, it could go to Noah Syndergaard after he’s promoted sometime in July after the Super 2 deadline.

DUDA FILES: First base candidate Lucas Duda and the Mets exchanged arbitration figures with the two sides a little more than a half-million apart.

Duda requested $1.9 million for hitting .223 with 15 homers and 33 RBI, while the Mets offered $1.35 million.

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6 thoughts on “Jenrry Mejia Reports To Camp

  1. Duda with 15 h/r’s should have more then 33 rbi’s in his stats. It shows how poor he hits with men on base. If he could doubled his rbi’s, his home runs would look much better :-)

  2. It looks like Ike at first. Can Ike bounce back big and hit 25 homers? If he does this team could play meaningful games in September.

  3. Jennry pitched well last year from what I saw.

    I saw a much improved more confident player. I hope he is well and fulfills his potential.

    If he does well and Harvey comes back for next year it means the Mets will deal one or 2 pitchers to get an OF

    • Dave: A healthy Mejia does improve the Mets’ ability to make a trade assuming all is well with Harvey and Wheeler. Outside of their young pitching, the Mets don’t have many bargaining chips to deal.=JD