Mets Not Aggressive In Pursuing Fifth Starter

The New York Mets are in the market for another starter. Despite there being several high-profile pitchers available, don’t expect Sandy Alderson to make a bid unless they remain unsigned right before spring training.

By then, the asking prices should have dropped. Then again, the shelves could be empty.

The Mets’ approach in the current free-agent pitching market underscores the belief they aren’t serious about making a wild-card run this season, but instead are waiting for Matt Harvey’s return in 2015.

The list includes Bronson Arroyo, Ubaldo Jimenez, Matt Garza and Ervin Santana. Any of them would represent an immediate upgrade, but at a substantial cost.

There are also a handful of familiar faces: Johan Santana, Chris Capuano, Aaron Harang and Daisuke Matsuzaka.

None from either list are expected to get a sniff from the Mets because they are too pricey or want a multi-year deal. Alderson also wants to avoid signing a pitcher who would become an obstacle to bringing up a prospect.

The Mets made their pitching splash with Bartolo Colon, and Alderson’s plan is to wait for the young arms to develop and Harvey to return from Tommy John surgery. Read that to mean 2015. In that regard, Colon’s contract is perfect because he fills a need for this season and would be around for insurance and stability in 2015.

Most of the pitchers available are middle of the rotation arms – such as John Lannan – but Alderson wants an inexpensive fifth starter, somebody they can easily replace with Jenrry Mejia, and prospects Rafael Montero, Jacob deGrom and Noah Syndergaard.

Assuming they don’t sign anybody, Mejia – who underwent elbow surgery – goes in as the fifth starter. The timetable for the prospects is not before June.

If the Mets sign a free-agent pitcher, they would want to give him a minor-league contract, which immediately eliminates about 75 percent of the field. Nobody wants to sign with a team knowing they could be phased out before the All-Star break.

Reportedly, the Mets are considering Freddy Garcia, 37, who went 4-7 with Baltimore and Atlanta last season. Garcia also worked out of the bullpen.

So, you can see the bar is set quite low.

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11 thoughts on “Mets Not Aggressive In Pursuing Fifth Starter

  1. I am a long time fan ( since 1967)but I am slowly losing interest as year after year of crappy teams go by. This year is shaping up to be another 75 win yawn-fest. Boring, boring, boring. Add crooks for owners and the whole thing is disgraceful. The Mets play in the biggest market, the league average for salaries is around 117 mil, the Mets spend 85 mil and blow smoke up our rear ends the rest of the time. Almost 30 years since we won a World Series. :(

  2. the Mutts suck………why are they so damn cheap!! Their payroll is still lower or comparable to last year even with the Colon, Young, Grandy signings! They have the money now, time to spend already!

    • dave: They are done with their “big spending” for now. Don’t see them paying for Drew or a veteran fifth starter. If they did, they could make a wild-card run this year.-JD

  3. I don’t care about pitching. I care about position players

    You know like the OF. I know we spent $22 large on them, but I am less sanguine than others here about how effective they will be

    Then there is the starting ss. Will that be Q again? First base, backup catcher.

    You know the whole team.

    I am less concerned about pitching cease that is our strength. By the end of the year our pitching will be stronger than the beginning. I worry about the rest of the team

  4. Yeah, I’d say the fifth spot is Mejia’s. But if they do sign a starter, another lefty would be nice.

    I’m tired of the “throw money around” mentality. If that’s what you want, go root for the Yankees. The Mets should continue to develop young talent, and sign the right pieces that fit into the plan.

    That probably doesn’t include Drew. Too expensive for a placeholder, he’s only a slight upgrade over Tejada. Saw enough of him slumping in the postseason anyway.