Mets Have Catching Concerns

Of all the New York Mets’ questions entering spring training, perhaps the most intriguing is at catcher, where an inexperienced Travis d’Arnaud is the starter without a veteran mentor.

Last year, he had John Buck. However, when d’Arnaud was injured, the job became Buck’s with young Anthony Recker as back-up. By the time d’Arnaud was ready for Citi Field, Buck was heading for Pittsburgh.

The Mets could use Buck back this year as a caddy for d’Arnaud, but manager Terry Collins said he’s comfortable with Recker as the back-up. But, it’s January, not July and the Mets aren’t riding a six-game losing streak and heading to the West Coast.

Truth is the window is small for both d’Arnaud and Recker, and we don’t know what either could do with 550 at-bats over a full season. That’s a major concern, as is both their abilities to call a game and settle a pitching staff.

Mets pitchers last year had a comfort dealing with Buck they didn’t have time to develop with d’Arnaud. Mets pitchers did have some sense of comfort with Recker, who produced more at the plate than d’Arnaud.

Teams have carried weak-hitting catchers before, but usually they had enough offense elsewhere to compensate. This Mets’ team doesn’t have that luxury.

Of the two, for a young catcher, defense and handling a staff take precedence over offense, but as a young player it is only natural d’Arnaud will fret if he’s not hitting.

The problem is the Mets don’t know what they have in d’Arnaud, either at the plate or behind it. Ditto for Recker. Those are significant concerns.

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10 thoughts on “Mets Have Catching Concerns

  1. It’s a rebuilding team and the Mets gave up a Cy Young winner to get d’Arnaud. He’s starter until July unless he’s a total bust or (more likely) injured. And that’s the way it should be.

  2. I expect the Mets to pick up a vet in the Spring.

    I think TC is being the good soldier. What else is he going to say? Our catching sucks?

    He may have to manage them. He will have to tell them they are his guys. That won’t work of he says they suck

  3. The mets minor league report has a nice run down of our players. This will show what might help this year which is frankly not much. However our closest player is an OF so if these chumps, I mean, players don’t work out we have someone who will throw his hat in the ring.

  4. How is it that the Mets have all these concerns without giving proper time to the players?
    Shouldn’t d’Arnaud fail before assuming that he will? Same thing for Flores.

    • I think Wilmer should be playing

      The catcher is young. They need to give him time. But they also should get a vet to spell him and take up slack when he slumps. Rocker is not good enough

  5. They need to give the young players some time. I am a die hard mets fan from 1962 till present
    we have always had a strong farm system.It is the mark of any team to have a strong farm.look at the 69 mets all were by trade or farm same with 86 mets. in fact durning the80,s we had the best gm and feild manger. none other than frank cashen,and davey johnson.we need them back davey is great with young players look what he did for mets and washingtion he is a 90 plus game winner