Mets Should Have Short Leash With Chris Young

One of the more interesting questions leading into spring training is how long a leash should the New York Mets give outfielder Chris Young. Of course, even more perplexing is why they signed him in the first place.

YOUNG: Strikeout machine.

YOUNG: Strikeout machine.

I’m not on board with manager Terry Collins’ proclamation he believes Young is the Met most poised for a surprise season. Considering his recent numbers, hitting .225 would be a surprise, but that’s not what Collins had in mind.

The problem is the Mets will pay this guy $7 million, which means he’ll play. However, him in the lineup is an obstacle for Juan Lagares, Matt den Dekker, Eric Young and any other outfield prospect.

After wishing – remember, wishing is not a plan – for big years from Oliver Perez, Jason Bay, Ike Davis, Lucas Duda and dozens of others, the Mets have been burned many times. Young’s track record includes 32 homers seven years ago, but also averages 148 strikeouts per 162 games throughout his career.

He also has a career .235 average with a.315 on-base percentage, which certainly gets me amped. Young clearly is a high-priced gamble, but not one I’d give a lot of patience to.

My hope is he gets off to a fast start which would enable the Mets a chance to deal him. Other than that, if he gets off to a miserable start, in a rebuilding year I wouldn’t waste a lot of time. I’d cut my losses and see what others can do.

I still don’t know what Sandy Alderson had in mind when he signed Young.

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12 thoughts on “Mets Should Have Short Leash With Chris Young

  1. This is a signing by Sandy that made no sense what so ever. He would have been better off allowing den Dekker to play everyday. But what he should have done, was sign Byrd to play LF.

  2. I agree, what the hell was he thinking??? I felt the same way when frank fransico got signed. MDD could put up better numbers than him.

  3. The Mets need Lagares starting in center, Eric Young with his speed starting in left, Granderson starting in right and the $7 million worthless Chris Young needs to be immediately released.

  4. That’s why he should be batting 6th and not 5th. He’s a strikeout machine and shouldn’t be anywhere near the middle of the batting order. No doubt he’ll be a great defensive player and hit 20-25 HRS with alot of stolen bases. But he should still be considered a defensive specialist.

    • Eric: You’re more optimistic than I am thinking up to 25 homers. I didn’t like this signing from the beginning. Hope I’m proven wrong.-JD