Just Cutting Ike Davis Might Be Mets’ Best Option

As the New York Mets seek trade partners for Ike Davis, perhaps it is time they seriously consider cutting the cord and move on. Take their losses and start over.

The Mets appear to be playing a game of chicken, expecting the Brewers or Orioles, or anybody else, to blink and give them a pitcher for their former first base power-hitting prospect.

DAVIS: Just say good-bye.

DAVIS: Just say good-bye.

There is no Zack Wheeler for Sandy Alderson to swoop in and get this time. Those opportunities don’t come along often, and another thing, Carlos Beltran was a more appealing trade chip than Davis.

I’ve written several times teams are waiting out the Mets in hope they’ll jettison Davis during spring training and sign him off the scrap heap as to not have to give up anything. That is becoming increasingly evident.

The Mets are thinking they should get something for a player who hit 32 homers in 2012. Other teams wonder why they should they give up a lot for a player who strikes out well over 100 times a year and barely hit over .200 the past few seasons. I wonder that, too.

The most Davis would cost the Mets this year would be roughly $4 million. That’s not a lot by today’s standards, but if the Mets kept him for another season and Davis doesn’t produce, one can only envision how the year unfolds.

If Davis falters and his strikeouts spike and average plummets, calls to cut him or send him to the minors will serve as a life-sucking distraction to this team. If you’re trying to change a team’s culture and rebuild, and if a goal is to see what Lucas Duda can provide, hoping for Davis to catch lightning is a strategy not worth pursuing.

The Mets severed ties with Oliver Perez and Jason Bay. In both cases they got rid of high-priced, low-performance players. This time there’s not a lot of money at stake, but only a considerable amount of disappointment.

Perhaps the best option in the interest of making the next step is to simply release Davis and not worry about what he might do elsewhere. It’s clear he’s not doing anything in New York.

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12 thoughts on “Just Cutting Ike Davis Might Be Mets’ Best Option

  1. If a trade is not going to happen before ST..than I’d bring him to St Lucie and giv him one more chance before I cut the cord

  2. I think we need a NEW batting coach, to fix a lot of our batters ?It seems when they move up here,they stop hitting under this coach? not only IKE but Flores and D’Aranud,even Duda. I think they are “mess’in” with there heads.

    • Keith Hernandez would be a great hitting coach. They offered the job to him, but he turned it down. I wish he would at least help out during Spring Training.

  3. I think we need a NEW batting coach, to fix a lot of our batters ?It seems when they move up here , they stop hitting under this coach? not only IKE, but Flores and D’Aranud , even Duda. I think they are “mess’in” with there heads.

  4. One of the Douquette’s hinted very strongly on MLB radio that Ike’s lifestyle and extensive nightlife may be the cause of both his downfalll and the reluctance of other teams to show any interest in him. However, I haven’t heard this anywhere else. Is it true? Is Ike too much of a player off the field as well as not enough of one on it?

    • The Mets themselves hinted at this 2 seasons ago. They started one of their public attacks on him and mentioned his being out at all hours.
      If Ike cared, why isn’t he in winter ball?

  5. The focus was on Ike last year because nobody on this team but David and occassionaly Murph, could hit a ball off a tee. Put anybody out there that can hit .270 and a few dingers and Davis will not only produce, but be a steal at $4m.

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  7. Pretty stupid….you don’t give away players with HUGE power who can hit the ball over 450 feet with regularity…..you want to release Ike based on one poor half season (1st half of 2013) which is an incredibly foolish suggestion…he hit 32 homers in 2012 and .280 in the 2nd half of 2013. Get Ike completely healthy and watch him knock in 100 ribbies….Duda is the bum here with his hanging gut and shaky glove. Ike plays a great 1st base and he is my starter at 1st for the Mets in 2014.

  8. Why should anyone give us a good player who was sent to the minors because he couldn’t hit or field for that matter?

    At this point I don’t see the need to cut Ike. We spent $22m hiring 2 players who strike out a lot and can’t hit 220. Isn’t that Ike?

    I am not sold on Duda being a starter and they don’t want to give Wilmer a try who is probably a better hitter on this team than anyone not named Dan or David

    This one a team that cannot hit. Very strange.