Where Does Mets Farm System Rank?

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Matt Mosher writes…

During a Baseball Prospectus Chat today, I asked Jason Parks, their head prospect guy, if the Mets farm was Top 10. (I assumed they were) He replied that they definitely were not.

That’s noteworthy because I believe he ranked them at No. 10 last year. So, at least according to one outlet, the farm’s overall ranking has dropped. Be interesting to see if Baseball America drops them some too. They are usually more harsh on the Mets than BP is. The lack of bats is completely killing them.

Joe D. writes…

Thanks for the heads up. I’m not surprised at all. With Zack Wheeler now in the Majors, you’d have to think they’d take a hit. But what really hurts them most was that top picks Brandon Nimmo and Gavin Cecchini didn’t burst out of the gate the way everyone expected. Additionally, their top position player Cesar Puello was suspended for PEDs.

I would say the Mets are probably in the 14-16 range and mostly because of Noah Syndergaard and Rafael Montero, a solid and “healthy” season from Steven Matz, the emergence of Gabriel Ynoa and Jeff Walters, and Kevin Plawecki producing in A-Ball. By the way, how bad was that Fangraphs Top 10?

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Here are a couple of relevant Mets related questions from yesterday’s chat at BP:

Maybe an early holiday gift for readers: OFP grades/lines for Syndergaard, Stephenson, and Giolito? 

Syndergaard: 7 FB; 7 CB; 6+ CH
OFP: 7; No. 2 starter

Stephenson: 7+ FB; 7 CB; 5+ CH
OFP: 7; No. 2 starter

Giolito: 8 FB; 8 CB; 6+ CH
OFP: 8; No. 1 starter

The Mets are a top ten farm, right?

No. They aren’t a top ten farm. They have some very nice pieces, but it fades quickly after the first few names on the list.

Is Dominic Smith already the #1 ranked 1B prospect in the game? Potential 25/100?

I don’t see that kind of over-the-fence power from him. I like the bat, but I wouldn’t take him over Singleton, even with Singleton’s recent run of slack.

Thanks to Matt Mosher for the email and link to BP…


8 thoughts on “Where Does Mets Farm System Rank?

  1. Yeah. I saw this and have to agree. Our talent at positions is sparse

    We are strong in pitching all over, but our best hitters seem avg

    Our best hitter Puello, is a peds user and not that good. He may make it to the majors, but can he be a starter? I wonder

  2. Puello is quite good actually. Although it is understandable to wonder how much of what he has accomplished has been helped by PEDs.

    A brief rundown of position players of note still in the Mets minor league system:

    1B Alan Dykstra, Jayce Boyd, Dominic Smith
    2B Dilson Herrera, L.J. Mazzilli
    SS Gavin Cecchini
    C Kevin Plawecki
    OF Dustin Lawley, Matt den Dekker, Wuilmer Becerra, Cesar Puello, Brandon Nimmo

    Not a real deep list. Gavin Cecchini and Wuilmer Becerra didn’t do much this past season to move forward. Nimmo was looking good (finally) before he got injured. When he came back he was slow to get going again. Dykstra is now injured, after a nice season. Plawecki and Boyd played well most of the season and earned mid-season promotions, as did Lawley. Puello was cruising before he got busted. Mazzilli produced at Brooklyn from Day 1, right after the draft. Herrera had nice numbers in the Pittsburgh system, I’m not sure what he did in the short time he was with the Mets once he came over. Dominic Smith is so young, and has only played at the lowest levels except for the postseason call up, that it is hard to characterize how he did. Matt den Dekker was injured most of the season and lost his opportunity to Legares because of it. I’m not sure if he belongs on this list or on the major league roster.

    As you can see, the guys who are worth watching are not all on a path to success at the moment. A guy like Nimmo could turn it on at any moment and cruise through the system, or he could struggle in A-Ball and never move up. Pitching, we are in much better shape. Both starters and relievers. And minor league starters that may make good major league relievers. We really could afford to trade some of them for some young offense. But with pitching so expensive on the free agent market I can understand the reluctance to trade away any of them.

    • BTW, I should have added, as bad as this current system looks right now, it is much much better than what Alderson inherited. Scary thought.

        • Besides Wheeler, bringing up Flores and d’Arnaud also weakened it some. I think Sandy’s done a great job. Forget the draft picks, just look at Wheeler, d’Arnaud, Syndegaard, Black and Herrera. All minor leaguers traded for, and all at/near the top of the Mets minor league players as soon as they arrived. Add in draft picks like Plawecki, Nimmo, Smith, Ceccini, Rosario, and it looks much better than what it was prior to Sandy. But I think mostly, it’s pitching that’s greatly improved.

    • The problem with this list is most of the better players are in A ball. The higher level players are just not that good. Puello for instance is a decent AAA player I think. He took drugs to boost his performance so how good is he really? He is not rated by anyone as a top player. I question how good he will be even with the drugs. More so without them.

      Of the comments I have seen about our players none of them are expected to be stars. This last one about Smith is that he can be good but doesn’t have the power that some will like. Nimmo and the other guys have yet to stand out. We picked up two middle infielders lately that are supposed to be quality players but none of them will play above AA this year.

      The thing is our system is weak and Sandy is making it better. We are not rushing players through the system only to have them flop. The recent drafts have been rated unspectacular. So we are not reaching to get someone in the hopes they will explode. Instead we are getting slotted players who should help down the line. You need those players. When someone goes down you need someone to fill the gap, but other than our pitchers I don’t see top quality here.

  3. To follow up on Flores he is hitting385 in 20 games. Surely this is better than the 200 our guys at first can muster.

    It is also better than the ceiling of 250 from the two Young’s or Grandy.

    This just reinforces how on an extremely hitting challenged team we need to get this guy at bats instead of the stiffs we insist on sending out there because we think they will improve the team by hitting 200 while giving us 20 hr.

    How many rbi’s do you get when you hit a bases empty hr?