Mets Want To Deal Ike Davis Before Christmas

I can’t recall another time when a team was so open about trading a player as the New York Mets currently are with sending Ike Davis out of town. Anywhere. To anybody.

The Mets hope the market for Davis warmed with Tampa Bay retaining first baseman James Loney. The Rays, Milwaukee, Baltimore, Houston and Pittsburgh were in need of a first baseman when the Hot Stove season began, but Loney and Corey Hart are now off the market.

The Orioles, Pirates and Astros have not been active talking with the Mets, but GM Sandy Alderson has been in frequent contact with Brewers GM Doug Melvin.

The Mets targeted Brewers fifth starter Tyler Thornburg for Davis, who’ll likely make $3.5 million this year through arbitration.  After hitting 32 homers in 2012, hit .205 with nine homers and 30 RBI this year.

Thornburg would complete the Mets’ rotation, which added Bartolo Colon Wednesday at the Winter Meetings. With Davis gone, first base would go to Lucas Duda, or possibly Daniel Murphy if he’s not traded.

The Mets aren’t hot to deal Murphy, but are listening to offers, notably Baltimore.

At the close of the Winter Meetings, Alderson said there was a possibility of trading for an impact shortstop. What he didn’t say, was outside of Davis and Murphy, who he had to trade, at least on the major league level.

Alderson remains adamant against trading Rafael Montero or Noah Syndergaard.

The Mets aren’t done and this is the week they could fill their remaining holes, as the following week is Christmas followed by New Year’s, when most MLB offices are closed.

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4 thoughts on “Mets Want To Deal Ike Davis Before Christmas

  1. to trade Murphy, you create a hole in your line-up? Unless it’s a multi player trade to get a player or players to fill holes, I would keep Murphy in the line-up.

  2. Everyone is tradeable. Seriously, who isn’t?

    I read where the Mets want the two Young’s and Grandy in the OF, sitting our best defensive OF because having a guy with speed who can’t hit and the two new guys who can’t hit but are paide $20m is more important than the development of what may be our CF for the rest of the decade as it is important to win 80 rather than 75 wins. This is of the utmost importance.

    Of course young is marginally faster than Lagares and he won’t get any better.

    • Oh and on the subject of Ike, I don’t understand the urgency of trading him. We just spent $20 large to get two players with an avg like his who will be paid much more.will they improve the team by having Luke there?

  3. lucas duda? that’s your answer at first base? ike davis is a potential 40 home run guy even at citi field which is an enormous ball park. when ike connects he hits them further than the likes of prince fielder and mark texiera. so we are gonna go with a first baseman, duda, who will likely hit 15 or so home runs, 60 rbi if were lucky, 235 avg and poor defense, then we will watch in horror as ike davis becomes a 45 a year homerun hitter for some other team and the fans will be stupid enough to keep coming to the ballpark to applaud granderson’s 25 homeruns. which is what granderson will probably average without the short porch in yankee stadium. as much as granderson may be a solid citizen that move was made strictly out of desperation because the Yankees were making all the headlines with their signings. we already had three capable outfielders, eric young, who is speedster in the outfield and proved after he took over in left field that duda doesn’t belong there or anywhere else on the field for that matter. chris young, who they just signed for about 8 million for one year, another desperation signing and juan lagares, you remember him, don’t you? he is the guy who is probably the best defensive center fielder in the league who is gonna be on the bench. maybe they should actually help ike davis and bat him third in front of david wright and Curtis granderson and see how many homeruns he hits then? naw, why would we do that? that might make sense and after all, where the mets!