Mets Matters: Updates On Ike Davis, Daniel Murphy And More

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. – Time to touch base on a few note-worthy matters involving the New York Mets. Let’s begin with another tidbit involving Curtis Granderson. Yesterday, Granderson said he wanted four years because he wanted to be part of the building process.

mets-matters logoAfter five straight losing seasons and the prospect of a sixth with Matt Harvey gone for the year, chief operating officer Jeff Wilpon said it was essential for the Mets to make such a commitment.

“It was what we had to do,’’ said Wilpon. “It was something we wanted to do. It fit well with the plan. And it’s a commitment on our part to have him around. He wanted to be around to see the team turn the corner and be a part of it moving forward.’’


* There’s nothing imminent on the Ike Davis front. I’ve written several times teams are exploring other options before considering Davis and his .200 average and propensity for striking out. This won’t get done soon. Milwaukee prefers to re-sign Corey Hart, but could be a trade partner for Davis if they don’t. Pittsburgh and Baltimore could also factor in for Davis.

* Adam Rubin of reports teams have inquired about Daniel Murphy with the intent of moving him to a corner position, where he’s played well. Rubin says the Mets’ asking price is high. It might as well be. That’s the situation when the Mets make the call. I’ve always liked Murphy. Some radio talk-show hosts belittle callers when they say Murphy hustles. But, don’t you want that on a team?

* There’s a rotating photo board near the pressroom. There are plenty of pictures, but only one shot featuring a Met. That would be Jordany Valdespin being taken out on a double play.

* Jeremy Hefner was re-signed, which is a reward for his hard work. Hefner won’t pitch this season because he’s recovering from Tommy John surgery. Who knows what the Mets’ pitching will look like in a year, but it was good to see Hefner taken care of. The Mets didn’t have to do it.

* The Mets met with the agent for free-agent pitcher Freddy Garcia. The more arms the merrier.

* A Twins source said Mike Pelfrey wants to stay in Minnesota. Despite losing 13 games last year the talk is a two-year deal for $10 million. Life is good. By the way, if that happens, I don’t ever want to hear again about the “small-market Twins.’’

* Speaking of the Twins, they are my choice to sign Johan Santana when the time comes. Reportedly, he’s throwing 150 feet on flat ground. He’s a long way from being ready.

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LATER THIS MORNING: Update on Bobby Parnell. 

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6 thoughts on “Mets Matters: Updates On Ike Davis, Daniel Murphy And More

  1. Glad to see we got Heffy back on a discount. Good move by the FO to cut him and resign him. Hopefully they don’t think that savings can net them a starting pitcher.

    I think it would be a mistake for the Twins to resign Pelfrey. They need to trust in 1 or 2 of their own and purchase at least one more quality arm. They have a fantastic farm I believe, and need to build in a positive direction. IMO, Pelfrey lost it a long time ago.

  2. Class act by Mets. Heffy was a hard luck victim this past season. But during summer had some good starts, but no W’s. If Mets don’t get value for Daniel, then don’t trade him. How do you replace his production (92 runs, 188 hits, 78 rbi). Does anyone believe EY will?

  3. Haven’t the “Braintrust” of the Mets (Wilpon Sr & Jr & Alderson) done enough damage to the Mets already ? Starting w/ the R.A. Dickey for Travis D’Arneau fiasco and continuing with the Marlon Dyrd and John Buck “Fire Sale” to the Pirates and then releasing Justin Turner, it just doesn’t end. Now it is going to be Daniel Murphy ? What more does “Murph” have to do ? The guy is probably the best clutch hitter with runners in scoring position. OK so he is not a “Gold Glove” 2nd Baseman but he is more that adaquate and the bottom line is he gives 110% every day !!! The only way I would trade Daniel Murphy would be in a deal to the NY Yankees that would include Brett Gardener in the return. Even if it meant giving up a Pitcher in the deal I think having both Granderson and Gardener with maybe a Young & Young Platoon would be a pretty decent Outfield. I would bring Justin Turner back to play 2nd Base and put Lageres at Shortstop. Naaahhh-it would never happen because it would make too much sense. PS-Give Ike another chance this year. I have a hunch he is going to break out and become the homerun hitter that we all know he can be !!!