Mets Want To Upgrade Rotation; Considering Bartolo Colon

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. – Starting pitching is the priority and the New York Mets want to leave Florida having signed at least one starter. Ideally, two.

General manager Sandy Alderson does not want to dip into his minor league reserves of Jacob deGromRafael Montero, or Noah Syndergaard. Not yet, anyway. A starter would have to come from the outside, and Bronson Arroyo is the most notable name.

COLON: Mets thinking about him.

COLON: Mets thinking about him.

Arroyo will cost the Mets more in money and prospects, than what they want to spend.

Reportedly, they talked with Bartolo Colon, but he’ll got more than what they want to spend. Alderson was non-committal on his own pitching free agents, Daisuke Matsuzaka and Aaron Harang?

“I don’t think we’re totally comfortable with what we have in the organization,’’ Alderson said. “We’ve got a lot of quality. We even have some depth. But to replace two spots in the rotation with the kids coming out of our system, I think, is a little much to expect coming out of spring training.’’

Alderson said it is likely they could be in the rotation by the middle of the season, which is a deterrent in negotiations. What pitcher wants to come to New York if he knows he’ll be bounced from the rotation?

It doesn’t seem likely either Arroyo or Colon – both of whom are older than 36 – will want to want to sign with the Mets knowing they won’t have a job by midseason. However, adding both could put the Mets in a competitive role for 2014 and not have them wait until 2015 when Matt Harvey will be ready coming off Tommy John surgery.

Remember, Harvey’s return isn’t guaranteed, and Zack Wheeler doesn’t have a full season on his resume.

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10 thoughts on “Mets Want To Upgrade Rotation; Considering Bartolo Colon

  1. When you say Arroyo will cost more in prospects, are you referring to their third round pick next year? As a free agent, he won’t cost them anything but a lotta cash and a roster spot.

    • Is this Mackey, my former HS baseball teamate? Or some other Mets blogger named Mackey. I figure it’s you since I told you about this site a couple weeks ago, if not just disregard.

  2. I am not so worried about the rotation.

    Yes there are questions bunt there is quality.

    I am more worried about the rest of the team not named Dan and David.

    • Been doing a little research Dave and this is what I’ve uncovered. Pretty much common knowledge, but I have left a link that goes into detail about the subject.

      The SP FA pool has two general groups. Coveted pitchers who could immediately improve the Mets, and lower echelon pitchers who are much cheaper. The Mets will be seeking pitchers who can help them “tread water” until starting the clock on fantastic power armed prospects with live arms — the type that would cost a fortune if they we’re Japanese or Cuban imports who just hit the FA market.

      On Monday, Alderson said he’s not intending to award any FA SP a multiyear contract which won’t do much to inspire confidence in the Mets. And IMO is effectively throwing in the towel before the season even gets here. If the kids give us the best chance to win but will be passed on so some bum FA SP can eat valuable innings, due to arbitration/FA reasons years down the road then IMO the NYMess are making an informed decision to not compete, in order to save money in 2017/2018 and beyond. As a fan this makes me frustrated. If the St. Louis Cardinals were in this position they would go with the kids, as would most winning franchises.

      “The bottom-tier guys are going to be around a little while longer, and sometimes you can find value there,” Alderson said.

      “Sometimes” the operative word. Most times you get lousy performances and despite these pitchers being purchased to eat innings, but usually they do the exact opposite and walk the ballpark with there flat underwhelming stuff, running up 80 pitch counts by the 3/4th and if lucky they eat 5/6 innings yeilding 4 some odd runs.

      Sorry, but I cannot get behind this philosophy. Get a pitcher and ‘hope’ that he can “tread water” till july gets here, then make a run IF your not burried in the standings. No wonder we’re running off at roughly 100-to-1, Vegas apparently knows that the losing philosophy will be implemented in 2014 so as to save money in 2020.

      I got some facts/quotes for this comment from the Wall Street Journal, it’s worth reading. Here is the link.

      IMO, If the Mets want to contend next year they will have to get more creative than hiring some bum pitcher to eat valuable innings in April/May and June.

      • I don’t think the Mets expect to contend this year. Any hope of that went out the window when Harvey went down. But as a realist Met fan (a rarity online) I think they can accomplish some things this season, and I will be satisfied that it was productive for them. They can continue development of Montero, Syndergaard, Wheeler, and Mejia. Get Montero and Syndergaard to the major league level this season with realistic expectations of them competing for rotation spots in 2015. They can find a position for Wilmer Flores, or at least get him enough at-bats to showcase him to AL teams for next offseason. They can give d’Arnaud lots more playing time and be patient until his bat starts to come around at the ML level. They can see if Legares will ever hit (my bet is no) and they can also see if den Dekker will hit (my guess is yes, eventually). They can give Familia plenty of innings in the bullpen and see if he can become an anchor there. All this, while continuing development of some key guys in the minors like Herrera and Mazzilli, Dominic Smith (and Dykstra when he comes back), Cecchini (will he ever hit?), Plawecki, Lawley, Puello, Nimmo, and tons of other promising pitchers throughout their system. They do all this, and they have had a tremendously successful season with respect to the future of the franchise.

        • I don’t care that we won’t win this year. We have no talent. What I was expecting was that the team would try and get better. Alas that was hoping for too much.

      • So I read the article.

        What it does is echo the narrative I have heard for 3 years now.

        It is better to not spend money than it is to try and win.

        The point of sports is to try and win. Not to save a few $$ by holding your players back.

        Fred, let me give you a simple economics lesson that even you and little Jeffy can understand. If you can win more and provide a more exciting product you will generate interest and hence money. More money means… More money!

        I wish that you had sold the team to Einhorn or anyone who actually wants to win. You suck!