Mets Should Consider Trade For Brett Gardner

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. – The New York Mets rarely trade with the Yankees, but recent developments could make a trade conducive for a Daniel MurphyBrett Gardner trade.

Better still, it is a trade the Mets should make.

GARDNER: Would help Mets.

GARDNER: Would help Mets.

The possibility is ripe after the Mets signed Curtis Granderson and the Yankees landed Jacoby Ellsbury and Carlos Beltran, but general manager Sandy Alderson isn’t biting.

“Let’s not categorize players quite yet,’’ Alderson told reporters in Lake Buena Vista, Fla. “I mean, I know it looks like, ‘Well, OK, you’ve got this guy and that guy … ‘ But let’s see how it plays out, because I think that’s a little bit unfair to sort of predetermine.’’

The addition of Granderson completes the Mets’ outfield, with Juan Lagares in center and Chris Young in right. The Mets are kicking the tires of moving Eric Young to second base, thereby opening the door for dealing Murphy.

And, with Robinson Cano now in Seattle, the Yankees could use a second baseman, and Murphy’s home run numbers would increase in that ballpark.

The trade has been debunked in several corners, which is all the more reason why it should happen. Teams never disclose whom they are talking trade with, but the Mets have been known to listen to offers for Murphy, who’ll make $5 million to likely price himself off the Mets.

Regardless of how their outfield is currently constructed, remember the Mets could still have holes considering Chris Young is signed for one year.

Gardner and Eric Young would add speed at the top of the order, something the Mets haven’t had in a long time.

Gardner and Granderson would greatly upgrade the Mets’ outfield defense. Pitching and defense were supposed to be the Mets’ foundation when they moved into Citi Field, and Gardner could be a mainstay even after Granderson’s four-year contract expires.

I like Murphy, but if Eric Young is the answer at second base as the Mets might think, this trade is a definite upgrade.

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8 thoughts on “Mets Should Consider Trade For Brett Gardner

  1. Gardner is a good player who profiles a defensive leadoff guy with a solid bat . I just don’t see the Mets hire up delaying Lagares development. Not to mention his Lagares is very affordable.

    If the Mets make the Gardner trade because Young is on a one year deal, then next year we have the problem of a corner outfield spot without power. We don’t have the roster to pick up a fourth outfielder of Gardners stature or have the money to sign Young at 7.5 million to platoon him…..unless everything we saw in Lagares is not really what he is .

    In hindsight, Carlos Gomez would look great in a Met uniform now, and Lagares may be worth the wait to see if he is comperable to Gomez.

    Gardner is good ,but is he the right guy for our situation?

  2. If Gardner could be a mainstay for the Mets 5 years from now, that tells me they will be worse then than they are now. Yikes!

      • I like Gardner. And if we didn’t just sign Young, I might be supportive of it. Young has the higher upside, but I am not so confident in realizing former glory in players that have dropped off. I have seen it gone forever too many times, especially with the Mets. In that sense, Gardner is definitely the surer thing. And his game should play well at Citi. But we are already on the hook for about $8 million, so I don’t see that trade happening now.

        Personally I think the Mets should have broke the bank on Ellsbury. He would have been perfect for Citi Field. And they need a real CF. They have some nice defensive guys out there, but none of them have proven they can hit. I won’t be surprised if Legares is nowhere to be seen by August next season. If they signed Ellsbury, it is conceivable they could have had a Puello/Ellsbury/Lawley outfield within two years, with guys like Nimmo pushing them from behind.

  3. Why would we want Gardner? We have a better defender and a whole lot cheaper version in Lagares. If u trade Murphy u trade him for someone making no money or a shortstop. I think Gardner is in last year of arbitration and then he will be gone. What we shouldn’t have done was sign chris young we have a cheaper version of him in MDD.

  4. I don’t follow the Yanks so I have no idea what kind of player he is. He plays cf so I assume he has good D

    His avg is ok low doubles low RBI high steals

    I take from this he is a slap hitter who hits singles and runs. I would rather keep Dan. He is a doubles machine and stole 20 something bases last year which puts him in roughly the same lot as Gardner while having a better bat. Swapping players upgrades OF and degrades the infield unless you want to put Wilmer at second. I just don’t like Young that much. I don’t think he is a good enough hitter to gain his speed and energy.