Mets GM Sandy Alderson Not Enthused With Second Base Options If Daniel Murphy Is Traded

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. – Should the New York Mets trade Daniel Murphy, which has been widely speculated, general manager Sandy Alderson didn’t seem enamored with his replacement options.

“I think we’d be comfortable if we had a number of candidates we could sort through during spring training,’’ Alderson said when asked if he’d be comfortable with Eric Young as Murphy’s replacement.

MURPHY: Alderson not happy with replacement options.

MURPHY: Alderson not happy with replacement options.

Alderson named Young and Wilmer Flores as options, as well as Ruben Tejada should the Mets trade or sign a shortstop. The Mets aren’t close to either.

There’s been speculation since the Mets signed Curtis Granderson that Murphy’s job was in jeopardy because of the proposed move of Young to second base.

Should the Mets opt to keep Murphy and not move Young, they’ll have the problem of deciding who would be their leadoff hitter.

One option might be Juan Lagares, but his high strikeout ratio isn’t conducive to hitting leadoff. Another possibility could be Murphy, who has performed well hitting leadoff in the past, but has the potential for greater run production batting lower in the order.

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5 thoughts on “Mets GM Sandy Alderson Not Enthused With Second Base Options If Daniel Murphy Is Traded

  1. I am glad Sandy is stating the obvious, we have no players ready to step in at second if we move our second best hitter

  2. The thing is, Murphy should be worth a lot more to a few other teams than he is to the Mets right now. The Yankees, for instance. Or any other team that has a legit shot at competing for the postseason and has an otherwise potent lineup. Murphy would slide in and provide his doubles along with improved defense and base running, all of which would compliment a couple boppers following him. He could be the final piece for a team.

    For the Mets, he is one of their best hitters. Great for him, but that doesn’t say so much for the Mets. I wouldn’t trade him just to trade him. He is better than anybody else who is an option for us. But if one of these teams comes along and offers an intriguing prospect or an upgrade at shortstop for him, I think we should be prepared to do it.