Alderson Says Davis Trade Not Imminent

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. – While the New York Mets would like to deal Ike Davis or Lucas Duda by the end of the week, general manager Sandy Alderson gave no indication today a move was imminent.

DAVIS: Not close to a deal.

DAVIS: Not close to a deal.

Teams are waiting out the Mets in the hope either might be released or that they’d be desperate and drop the price. Alderson said prospective buyers are exploring other options, whether it is in the trade or free-agent markets. Some teams could be offering the Mets little in return, while others want to explore the free-agent market first.

There are a lot of reasons why a trade doesn’t get done.

“That’s always the case,’’ Alderson said. “There’s always going to be an alternative. That’s what provides the tension of negotiating a deal. [Teams] are always looking at what their alternatives are. That’s what provides the tension of getting something done and not getting something done; simply there are other options.’’

Currently, James Loney and Corey Hart are in the free-agent market, while Miami is trying to deal Logan Morrison and Texas is attempting to trade Mitch Moreland.

Of course, it could take one phone call to change everything. A team could offer the Mets a sweet deal, or Alderson can cave just to make a trade.

The latter is highly unlikely.

“Could we do something?’’ Alderson asked. “Yeah, we have that ability. Whether we do it or not is a function of what we can get and what our other options are.’’

Working against the Mets in trying to trade Davis is that other teams are aware of his shortcomings and of the Mets’ overt desire to swing a deal. The Mets have not been subtle in this, and given the high probability Davis won’t be with the team next spring have teams being reluctant.

They aren’t waiting in line to talk trade about Duda, either.

“Everybody is aware of what we have. We don’t have to advertise that,’’ Alderson said. “As far as marketing, [other teams] do their own evaluations. If somebody is not inclined to make a deal for a particular player, it is difficult to talk them into it and get something in return.’’

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5 thoughts on “Alderson Says Davis Trade Not Imminent

  1. Ike hit 30 homers not too long ago. teams know that. teams know he can be next year’s Chris Davis. I’m sure he’ll be traded soon and I bet they get a decent player back

  2. I don’t understand the urgency to trade Ike

    We just spent $20m getting two Ike’s

    Why are we trying to trade away a player who is younger and cheaper than the ones we just went out and got?

  3. I agree with Dave. We know that Ike is capable of hitting 30+ homers a year playing AT CITI FIELD!!! He’s done it! There’s no such certainty with Lucas. Ike is also a better defensive player. I suspect this is a money issue… Ike is arbitration eligible (I think) and Lucas isn’t. Unless there’s some secret dissatisfaction about Ike (attitude, etc., which I certainly don’t see–he was pretty even tempered and accessible publicly at least especially given his frustration level), I don’t get the fire sale mentality. If they trade Ike, they (and we) will live to regret it… mightily. He’ll probably end up in Philly some way and kill us 18 times a year.