Granderson Signing Doesn’t Answer All Mets Concerns

We can no longer say the Mets won’t doing anything in the Hot Stove League. While I have been cool on Chris Young, landing Curtis Granderson gives the Mets’ offseason a warmer sense of legitimacy and that more could be coming.

General manager Sandy Alderson projects a payroll in the low-$90 million level, and even with the Granderson and Young signings, the Mets will have more to spend to reach that plateau.

There could be more flexibility if they are able to trade Ike Davis and Daniel Murphy, which would be roughly a combined $8 million they could take on.

Last month Alderson said there were a half-dozen teams interested in Davis, and even Lucas Duda fielded some inquiries, but nothing has come of that since.

The Mets’ priority remains starting pitching. Ricky Nolasco and/or Phil Hughes would have looked good in the back end of the Mets’ rotation, but both signed long-term deals totaling $73 million by the small-market Minnesota Twins. Jason Vargas got $32 million over four years from the small-market Kansas City Royals. All this could have the Mets looking harder at Bronson Arroyo, who earlier had been talking to the Twins.

With Matt Harvey gone for the season and two holes in the rotation there are a couple of certainties: 1) Jon Niese will not be traded as some had speculated, and 2) prospect Rafael Montero will not be traded, unless a major league ready starter comes in return.

The Mets also need to increase depth in their bullpen, especially considering Bobby Parnell is coming off surgery. If he’s fine, he’ll resume the closer role. If not, Vic Black will get the first shot in spring training.

The Mets also like Jeurys Familia, Gonzalez Germen and lefty Scott Rice. That’s five, meaning they’ll need to pick up one or two more arms.

Shortstop was a significant question after the season, but considering how the market developed it appears as if Ruben Tejada will have the first opportunity to reclaim his job. The Mets were hot for Jhonny Peralta, and also kicked the tires on Rafael Furcal, but they signed elsewhere. Stephen Drew is still available, but he’s priced himself out of consideration.

There is also a need for a veteran reserve catcher. Immediately coming to mind is to bring back John Buck, who was not brought back by the Pirates.

The Mets won 74 games last year, just seven games below .500. If they had Harvey, I would say they could be a .500 team with the addition of Granderson. But, he’s not here and what remains in a hole in the rotation.

No Shaun Marcum this time. Alderson needs to land quality starters if this will be a quality summer.

LATER TODAY: Would a Daniel MurphyBrett Gardner trade make sense?

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14 thoughts on “Granderson Signing Doesn’t Answer All Mets Concerns

  1. We have to be a better team with grandy, but I still think they need a pair of fresh if, more arms than we can count. I do like bring back buck at catcher. He did start of hot after all

  2. John
    I disagree.

    We have spent our money. There is still bay at 8 mil or so. That’s your budget

    I think we have enough pitching in house. Maybe one starter. The guy me go talked about a few days ago would have been good

    I don’t
    Ike either OF we signed. It would have been better to get a real OF for 20, if that’s what it takes.
    The Yanks didn’t want Grandy and replaced him with Beltran. Who would you rather have?

    No one wants Ike. He can’t prove he can hit 30 hr, hits about 220 and can’t hit the outside pich and misses curves. Same with Luke. Wilmer is a better hitter than either.

  3. How can this be a quality summer when we load up on 230 hitters? We have 2 hitters on the team. One of which we want to ship out for a new 220 hitter who hits 25 hr.

  4. Why we spent money on chris young is beyond me, we have DenDekker that can perform the same as him for a whole lot cheaper…

  5. We’re pitching rich and dirt poor. SA has stocked our organization with terrific young power arms, so I hate the notion of going to the trade market or FA market looking for arms.

    The one big concern is durability. These guys are not capapble of racking up IP, and the guys at the top of our rotation have not shown a consistency eat innings either. So, in order to utilize our pitching richness the FO needs to get creative. I’ve put forth a plan, that can be tweeked to a more conventional level, and I’m hoping they go that route. If not, I cannot see us contending this year. Period.

    I’m becoming obssessed with LAA Mark Trumbo, and really hope SA talks to Dipoto this week at the Winter Meetings and hammers out a deal for the power hitting FB. I tweeted Jeff FLetcher today and he told me that any of the SP on our 25 man would be enough to pry Trumbo from LAA’s grasp. JD says we wood need to up the stakes. Whatever the case may be, a deal can be struck if SA wants.

    BTW, JD, Fletcher told me that Wheeler by himself would be enough. That LAA would jump on that offer instantaioneosly. Previously you told me that SA would have to up the ante.

    Anyways, I hate the thought of dealing Murph. I think Ike can turn it around, but will not be upset if we turn the page. Same with Duda.

    My idea to contend this year and the future. Purchase Arroyo, deal for Trumbo, live with Tejada. Promote Walters and maybe Letherstich.


    Arroyo/Gee/Niese/Mejia/Montero Depth. Torres/Noah/Verret/deGrom/Mazzoni

    Pen. Parnell/Black/German/Walters/Edgin/Rice, Toress long relief.
    Leatherstich/Mazzoni/deGrom waiting in the wings

    Future. Noah and Harvey in 2015. Ynoa and Matz in 2016

    That team can contend this year, the future remains bright, and can be had for what money SA has in the bank.

  6. Even if you don’t agree I like it when you respond to comments, very much, it makes me feel like a part of the project, and I take the information from you replies and relay them to friends. And, I follow you on twitter.

    • Mega, No way should we trade Wheeler for Trumbo. Or anybody else at this point. Wheeler has some control kinks to work out still, but it is obvious when you watch him that he has the goods to be a star. Trumbo? Crazy talk. And I wouldn’t give up ANY of the pitchers on our 40-man for Trumbo.

      As far as contending this year, have you looked at the Nationals lately? They just fleeced the Tigers for another fine starter, and they are loaded from top to bottom. Trumbo is going to instantly make the Mets compete with the Nats?

      BTW, Mega, long time no see. Hope you are well.

      • Mackey: Trumbo improves the Mets, no question. But, I agree, I’m not giving up Wheeler. … I’m not giving up on Syndergaard, either, but I might be persuaded to part with Montero.-JD

  7. No one thought the Mets wouldn’t pursue a couple of decent FAs, so I don’t get your lead.

    Fwiw, w the Colon signing, the Mets are now a mid70s win team. What do you see as the point of trading Murphy when the Mets have no 2Bman? You can run EYjr out there, but he’s barely replacement level. Is it really the case the Mets can’t afford to keep their second best position player of the last several years?