Curtis Granderson Signing Could Open Door To Daniel Murphy Trade

The signing of Curtis Granderson could give the New York Mets increased trade flexibility.

The Mets’ outfield, a weakness at the start of last season, is now a defensive plus with natural centerfielders – from left to right – of Granderson, Juan Lagares and Chris Young.

MURPHY: On the block?

MURPHY: On the block?

This alignment would relegate Eric Young to the bench, or possibly second base. Should the Mets opt to play young in the infield, it would make Daniel Murphy expendable.

“We’ll entertain anything,’’ general manager Sandy Alderson said in a conference call. “It doesn’t mean we’ll act on everything. The nice thing is that with hopefully a couple players signed, we can entertain a lot of different combinations, and at the same time not feel like we absolutely have to act on one of them.’’

Murphy, arguably the Mets’ most consistent offense presence the past two years, will make roughly $5 million this year through the arbitration process, and could be packaged in a trade for pitching.

If the Mets don’t deal Murphy, it is possible he could play first base if the Mets unload Ike Davis or Lucas Duda, or both.

Perhaps the Mets won’t trade Murphy now, but it is conceivable if Eric Young supplants him at second base, he could be dealt in late July.

14 thoughts on “Curtis Granderson Signing Could Open Door To Daniel Murphy Trade

  1. I keep asking the question, “Why does everyone discount the presence of Wilmer Flores who, except for speed, has the potential to exceed Murphy’s offensive contributions at minimum wage?”

    Young does one thing — he runs. He doesn’t get on base enough.

    • I agree. He is a 250 hitter, who the people advocating a trade will replace a 280 hitter who hits 40 doubles and plays every day

    • I guess Murphys $5 M dollar tag is making him trade bait. Sad.

      Here’s some relevant Murphy chatter from Newsday, who claims in the article that the Mets have 13M and trade bait as ammo for winter meetings and beyond.

      From Newsday

      “Second baseman Daniel Murphy remains a trade candidate, though he is not being aggressively shopped…….A source said the Mets have no plans to make such a shift, and the team likely will need Murphy’s bat in the lineup as it is currently constructed……Either Davis or Duda remains the most likely Met to be traded, though neither individually is enough to fetch a quality shortstop.”

  2. I wouldn’t trade Murphy either. I’d play him at first. He’s probably the weakest fielding 2nd baseman the Mets have ever had. On turning the DP, he’s as bad as there is. He’s minus 39(last year) on defensive runs saved below average. Guys like Pedroia, Cano, Phillips, all above average in the plus column. They say to win you have to be strong up the middle. Look at C, SS, 2B and CF on the Cards and Red Sox last year, from a defensive perspective, and the difference is glaring, due to Murphy. Some say you can’t play someone with the lack of power at 1B. Not buying that. The Red Sox won the WS with Pedroia batting 3rd, despite his hitting only 9 hr’s, playing in Fenway. And Keith Hernandez had little power. My only reluctance in having Murphy playing 1st is that I see the possibility that Duda may learn a better approach at the plate, and he’d provide some power. If he’d just sit on fastballs, AND SWING AT THEM, he might be good. I don’t see any way Ike plays 1st.

  3. Here’s the question- Young at second, Murph on first, or, Murph on second with a Davis or Duda platoon (Flores, Satin, or Lutz)?

  4. Trading Murphy, leaves second open for EY, my problem will be this love affair we seem to have with CY. Not fond of the idea. Although Murphy isn’t the best defensively, CY is a terrible hitter. He hits RHP at only a .225 avg and wasn’t worth the money he signed for. At best is a player to use against LHP. there he has a measure of success. Hits .262 against LHP. Look it up! Best off used to give Curtis Ganderson rest against LHP, since he is historiclly bad vs LHP. Murphy doesn’t strikeout or walk enough, but knows how to make contact, so good in 2 slot of the order.

    • I don’t love Eric young. He has energy which is nice. But so far he is a 250 hitter at best. That is not a starter. Neither are the other sub 250 hitters we picked up