No Worries, Mets Land Curtis Granderson

Curtis Granderson got what he wanted, but the New York Mets got what they needed when the outfielder agreed to a four-year, $60-million contract.

Granderson, at 32, wanted an extra year, while the Mets, desperate to not only add a power bat to their outfield, but avoid the perception of inactivity, acquiesced on the extra year.

It is the largest deal the Mets have given an outfielder since they gave a four-year, $66-million contract to Jason Bay, who flamed out to such a degree general manager Sandy Alderson bought him out of the final year.

After repeated promises they would spend this winter to reach a competitive level, the Mets could not go back on their word, even with the loss of Matt Harvey for the 2014 season.

Even with Harvey this year the Mets wouldn’t be able to add all the pieces they needed to compete for a wild card. And, they certainly wouldn’t have been able to add them all next winter.

If nothing else, the Mets needed to show their frustrated fan base they were making an effort. The perception was the Wilpons were sitting on their wallets, but this dashes that notion to a large degree.

Yes, Granderson is a high strikeouts, low on-base percentage and low average player, but his game is driving the ball for extra bases and scoring and driving in runs. This is what the Mets have been lacking.

On the plus side, Granderson can run, and while he has hit leadoff during his career, he’ll likely bat behind David Wright to offer the protection he’s missed since Carlos Beltran was with the Mets.

Granderson also is a left-handed presence the team has needed because of the inability of Ike Davis and Lucas Duda to even come close to expectations.

The Mets have resolved their outfield holes, but with the Winter Meetings set for two days in Orlando, they have a considerable amount of work to do, beginning with their starting pitching.

With Harvey out, the Mets need two starters at the back end of the rotation. The Mets also don’t know if Bobby Parnell will be ready to move back into the closer role, and after him, still need to add to their bullpen.

The Mets are still in flux as to their first baseman, and want to trade either Davis or Duda. They also want to add a back-up catcher to Travis d’Arnaud.

The Granderson signing figures to push Eric Young out of the outfield and possibly to second base, which could make Daniel Murphy available in a trade. My first thought is they might offer him to the Yankees as a replacement to losing Robinson Cano.

13 thoughts on “No Worries, Mets Land Curtis Granderson

  1. Why does everyone discount Wilmer Flores as an option at 2B or 1B? All the man does is hit and drove in 9 in his first 27 big league ABs before the ankle injuries. Young can steal. That’s all he can do.

  2. I am so excited.

    Our big signing is a guy who strikes out about 200 times a year. Who will hit about 240, 20 doubles and most likely the same hr

    He has deteriorating defense and we lock him up for 4 years and $15m

    Mega said we could have had a guy who doesn’t strike out , has speed and hits 280 for a song.

    You bring up bay, I hope we don’t have a repeat.

    I have a question. His old team didn’t want him and we seem to be bidding against ourselves for a player who is underwhelming.

    We did this with Castillo and Ollie.

    Will we ever learn?

    • Edit: Or perhaps you’re arguing that by the fourth year of Granderson’s contract (2017) the Mets will be in a position to run larger payrolls, and a likely 1.5 win player (max) making $15 million will not interfere with any other roster priorities.

      Not much for theses stats but found this on the minor league blog

  3. Dave not much big on saber Stats either. But Grandy has good WAR numbers. As for Aoki, the guy who KC just got for a relief pitcher, I guess Bob Melvin loves the guy and projects him as a starter. Here’s Will Smith’s starting numbers. 6-9, 5.32, 89.2 IP, 111-H, 12-HR, 33-BB, 59-K, 1.606 WHIP, 3.3 BB per 9, 5.9 K per 9. Last year he got 1 start and 18 relief appearances, the start is not included. He’ll turn 25 in July next year. I didn’t check out the splits on him nor his MPH, but apparently Melvin loves the guy. I just assumed we could have him for a song, due to those ghastly numbers, but today I heard Aoki, would have cost us Gee or Niese. Ouch, not going there. I’m guessing SA tried packaging Ike for Aoki, but according to JD, SA is having a very hard time moving Ike.

    Dave, you’ll probably be peeved over my next target, Mark Trumbo, who K’s a TON and hit around 235 last year, but I want him.

    Matt, I want Mark Trumbo, and am ready to live and die with Tejada at SS with Tovar and Flores as backups, if needed.

    I tweeted Angels beat writer, Jeff Fletcher, and he assures me that a deal can be struck if SA picks up the phone. We have what they want, and they have what we want. Trumbo’s HR/RBI/R have went up each year, is 27, put up numbers in a very big ballpark, division. His power plays in every ballpark according to a scouting report I checked today. We can turn the page on Ike and dump him for a A prospect or as part of a package for Trumbo, giving Pujols some insurance at FB.

    Trumbo is not perfect but would be a fantastic addition to the lineup. One would imagine that at age 28, his HR/RBI/R would continue to escalate as that is the beginning of one’s prime, according to some.

    3/4/5/6/7 Murphy/Wright/Trumbo/Granderson/Young. A lot of K’s but a ton of pop.

    Trumbo’s cheap, has 3 years of team control, would compliment Curtis’ addition very nicely, and is the perfect piece to build with this year, next year with Harvey, and in Curtis 3rd year as a Met. At that point, we may lose him to FA, but it would be a fun ride.

    The need for complimentary moves to Granderson’s transaction is very much needed. I want Trumbo. I like Montero and Mejia as our 4/5 and Jeff Walters in the bullpen. We got enough pitching in our organization to stay away from the overpriced pitchers that are left and I cannot deal with bottom of the barrel FA pitchers, period. To me, a bum FA pitcher or 2 signifies the waiving of the white flag. Almost impossible to harvest a quality pitcher for 700K-to-a few million bucks from the FA market. Not nearly as hard finding a batter for a bargain. Hard, but not nearly as hard.

    JD, Jeff Fletcher assures me that Dipoto, Angels GM, would deal Trumbo for Wheeler in a second.

    • I normally don’t care much about my typos, but just ignore the addressing to Matt, I wrote a comment to my friend, and his name was Matt.

  4. Dave here is a look at Aoki numbers. At age 31, Aoki is a Japanese import that has played 2 full seasons of MLB, no partial seasons. If I’m not mistaken he broke hitting records in Japan, and cost KC Will Smith, who’s dreadful starting numbers are above. He’s got decent relief numbers 3.4 ERA, but in a tiny sample size, just 25 IP, or so.

    Norichika Aoki 162 game AVG. He’s played one 151 game season and a 155 game season so the 162 is very accurate.


    591-AB, 85-R, 170-H, 30-2B, 4-3B, 10-HR, 46-RBI, 26-SB, 52-BB, 50-K

    I’m assuming Aoki hit at the top of the order, strikes out very seldomly and has a 1/1 bb/k ratio, has a little pop and can run. Don’t know much about his Defense or arm. And, he only cost 1.5 million bucks.

    Your type of guy. Right?

    • Yes. I would like more power, like doubles. But yes. Good avg and low k

      Considering we can’t hit I don’t understand getting more guys who can’t hit

  5. Note repost:

    So we spend $22 m on two players I don’t like. They could have done that for one player I do liked.

    I don’t understand the thought process here.

    Let’s spend a lot of money on flawed players who can’t hit 250 and strike out a ton! Let’s get excited about that.

    This team sucks.

    I don’t want to hear about how we spent money or that we can hit 20 hr’s more than last year.

  6. So the yanks sign Beltran for the same $ we pay Grandy. My question is can Carlos still play the field? If so why was he not on the radar? He is a much better hitter. If he can still hold his own in the field they should have gone after him

    • It’s funny that not only was Beltran off virtually every Mets fans wish list, the media never brought him up as a target either. I’m guessing the thought of Carlos’ knees giving out was a factor, and I did hear that a reunion was very unlikely due to the way he departed. I can’t figure that part out though. We traded a player with 3 months left on a contract to a contender, there must be more than meets the eye. I do remember his getting second opinions on Mets team doctors diagnosis brought about tension.

      • This is because Fred is an ass.

        Still he is the type of player we should go after.

        Not half the player he is for the same money