Granderson Agrees To 4-Year Deal With Mets

GRANDERSON: Talking with Mets.

The Mets have agreed to sign free agent outfielder Curtis Granderson to a four-year deal according to Joel Sherman of the NY Post.

Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports reports that the deal is worth $60 million dollars or a $15 million annual average.

The Mets will lose their second round pick, but that’s no big deal if Granderson delivers 25-30 homers a season for the Mets as they believe he will.

Sandy Alderson apparently relented and gave into Granderson’s fourth year demand which came as a surprise to me. However, Sandy did what he needed to do and gave the 32 year old Granderson what he wanted to get a deal done. If he had let him go to Orlando unsigned, I doubt he would have been a Met.

Granderson suffered a couple of freak injuries last season and was limited to just 61 games with the Yankees, batting .229/.319/.407 with seven home runs and 15 RBI in 245 plate appearances while striking out 69 times.

The newest Met is expected to play left field I would suspect, pushing Eric Young Jr. out of a starting outfield job. If the Mets move him to second base, it could signal a Daniel Murphy trade which would free up about $5 million for the Mets.

I applaud the Mets for finally taking the plunge on a significant signing. Well done…

6 thoughts on “Granderson Agrees To 4-Year Deal With Mets

  1. I’m at a lack of words, but I’m happy, that’s for sure. Be back later to chat.


    • Yuk

      Why do we want young at second?

      He can barely hit. What is his defense like? We have our second best player at a position he is comfortable with and we think of moving him off his position for a bench player? Wilmer should be at first so at least we have 3 legit hitters on the team.

      I like Young’s energy, but that is not enough to disrupt our second best player.

      This contract is too long for a player past his prime who won’t hit 250 and won’t hit 40 hr’s. It’s also too rich, but I digress.

      So once again our lineup will be stacked with hitters who can’t hit 250 and strike out away too much. We will have a lot of low scoring games and 3 innings before turning the lineup over.

      This is progress.

      I wonder what the phrase will be this year? Come to the game and go get food which will be more exciting than watching us strike out!

      • lol, hate the thought of dealing Murph. Is the 5M tag making him trade bait? Anyways, I can live with k’s a lot better than you can. From 30 years ago, to, all the way back to the beginning of the game 100+ K’s got you demoted or a job flipping burgers, now a days if you just strike out 100 times, it’s a feather in your cap.

        My next target, you probably will hate, I don’t know though. Tell me. Mark Trumbo, strikes out a TON and hit around 235 last year, but his HR/RBI/R have went up each year he’s been in the big leagues, his power plays in all ballparks, and is on the block.

        • Yes. I don’t understand this.

          A 250 avg or 100k will get you benched or dropped. Now no one cares.
          Is there no talent in mlb?

          As for murph we are paying more for players who do less. It would make no sense to get rid of him because of cost

          • I completely agree with “It would make no sense to get rid of Murphy because of cost” It’s puzzling, we’ve dealt with all the growing pains, and there were many, and now Murphy has finally came into his own, found a position, and is a borderline #3 hitter, and we deal him. So we can put a .230 hitter at the leadoff position? Don’t understand the thinking.

            • I remember the joke with Dan was when asked what position he plays he would respond “I bat third”

              We had problems with him because he was a bat without a position, much like Wilmer.

              After some success in the OF followed by a disaster there he figured out 2b under Tuefel

              Now the talk is to get rid of one of the better hitters in the game for more power.

              I do not understand the fixation on HR at any costs.

              This makes Ike a genius.